MrMary Comments || China’s Mistress-Industrial Complex

Friend Sent me this article:Inside China’s Mistress-Industrial Complex. Tell me what you think about it


If you’re pretty and educated, there’s a booming new job market for women—as someone’s mistress. Although China’s culture is commonly perceived as conservative, surveys reveal that “non-commercial” infidelity is rife, and anecdotal evidence suggests it is trending up. The practice of keeping a mistress is, of course, far from unique to China: Mistresses have existed for as long as the institutionalization of marriage, and nations like Russia and France also enjoy their own flourishing class of kept women. However, the real shocker of China’s mistress culture lies in its openly transactional nature, its visibility, and its ubiquity.

Something on the Side

Fab_BK2In the immortal words of rapper F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S: Cause the entrée ain’t as good without something on the side ya’ know. While rap has always been been viewed as entertainment for the intellectually bankrupt, there is a insightful observation in this line. Firstly, most people in the world cannot afford the entrée – these Mistress arrangements are only enjoyed by the affluent. Second, there is no limit to human desire. Bottom-line in the absence of affluence people tend to settle for mediocre situations. I wonder if you reading this became filthy rich and could afford to keep a mistress or a boy-town without your spouse knowing would you? I think a bunch of you would.

In China having a mistress indicates one’s social status. Mistresses are an investment. Mistresses require fancy apartments, beautiful clothes, and spending money. For that she has to makes herself sexually available exclusively, dresses in designer fashions and flawless make-up each time she goes out with her beau, and sits conspicuously by his side at business and social functions. Of course there will people who talk about this fictitious thing called morality. People are by nature pragmatic and morality is only something we pay lip service I have the utmost faith that people will be people.

Negative Ramifications

The article talks about the greatest negative ramification of this mistress culture:

When looked at from a broader perspective, the trend further divides Chinese society and could potentially weaken social stability.China’s booming mistress class means it’s harder than ever for the country’s surplus of young men to find wives. By 2030, projections suggest that more than a quarter of Chinese men in their late 30s will never have married. This only increases the pressure on young men in China to produce and demonstrate material wealth, the priority in young women’s minds when it comes to finding a mate.

You want to hear two things I have never heard in my life:

  1. I’ve never heard guys hanging out at a party, and any one of them saying: “yo this is fun but it would be even better if my girl was here. (Shouts to Patrice O’Neal)
  2. I can’t wait to get married it’s going to be my special day. I’ve been thinking about that day since I was a young boy. I can’t wait till Susan/Karen/ wakes up and realizes that she either has to shit or get off the pot.

I think that one can be a mistress for an extended period of time. After 32 that well dries up. You just get replaced. You enjoy it while it lasts. People talk about how important traditional values are to them. Then you read the newspaper headlines. The words don’t align with actions.

The greater threats to social stability are political corruption, and no wealth redistribution. The situation in China right now is that migrant women in urban areas earn on average one-third less than their male counterparts.Help-wanted ads for waitress and shop clerks regularly list height, age, and beauty requirements for female applicants: 26 years old is a common cut-off for such positions. Even once-coveted factory jobs often require twelve-hour days, offer sweatshop-like working conditions, and run the risk of the management arbitrarily withholding already bare-bones wages.

I think I’m done

Eh … what do you think about all this stuff ?


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