Scientists Create Vagina in the Lab, And I am going to buy one (joke)

For the first time, researchers have successfully implanted laboratory-grown vaginas in human patients—potentially helping women avoid drawbacks from other regenerative procedures, scientists announced in a paper published today.

pussy in a dish is now not just a sex move for the more adventurous and limber of couples

The new organs are created by culturing these women’s own cells into tissues and eventually reshaping the tissues into a vagina-like structure. An underdeveloped or absent vagina can result from any number of health problems, ranging from congenital syndromes like Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauster (MRKH) to cancers and injuries. \

The last time I was this excited for a new product on the market … Well I cannot remember when last I was this excited !!! Let me at the offset say that the vagina I’d purchase is not for pleasure. When it comes to asserting myself into a vagina I would like there to not just be vast expanses of empty space, although looking at some of the broads I’ve dated. Well yeah a personality sense of style and an attitude are important accoutrements that should adorn a vagina, in a figurative sense of course.

Let me Share with you 7 ways my life would improve if I purchased a vagaina

  1. I could win arguments ! – No longer would the need to make sense ever impede me from winning an argument
  2. I could get free drinks at a the bar especially late into the night – Usually late into the night anything with a vag is fair game
  3. I could summon all the stray cats around my neighborhood just by waving it in the air – I always wanted to have power over animals. This is a partial short cut to that dream
  4. I could bring it in for salary negotiations – access to pussy will shift a negotiation in my favor. When deals go bad I can get half of what I don’t deserve to get
  5. Get free rides if I carried it around in a short skirt
  6. I could start fights with a lot more dudes and not get punched in the face
  7. I could drive badly without fear

I am just kidding of course. You don’t understand, for someone who makes everything into a joke this is the penultimate news story. The only thing funnier than spare vaginas, are those hairy/furry boxes that watches comes in.

You know if you put your ear up to a furry box you can hear time pass? They are like seashells in that sense. By the way why of all things, do watches, and perhaps ex husbands come in those furry boxes? Was there a giant hairy-box convention back in Europe in the late 1800’s that worked hard to decide what would go inside?

Maybe we should reuse those empty furry boxes to house the substitute vaginas. It would be a sexual conundrum, aptly named in more familiar circles: The Matryoska Doll Connundrum

Ok seriously now.

This breaking news story has a happy ending at no extra cost to us. The scientist working on this project don’t have to die as virgins. So congrats to both the scientist and those who were once vaginaless but now can be firmly introduced to a whole line of Summer’s Eve Products.



  1. Lol, your thoughts are all over the place today,aren’t they? I suppose having a vagina/pussy can theoretically help you receive all the things you mention above…But the women who tend to use them as tools are rather lackluster people imo. They take the easy way out; Why have a nice personality, have a challenging job, or work at saving your finances or becoming better with your purchasing decisions when some man will just help you with all that?

    The chicks who act like this are less “women” and more “girls in women’s bodies”.

    One question I have about these grown vaginas is, do they have clits? It would be interesting to know if these pussies are just for show or if they can actually give back some pleasurable function…and yes, I know the majority of the clit is inside the body, but I mean did the doctors make a structure that *looks* like a clitoris that could be attached to the lady’s inner pleasure center?


    • TarnsZilla,

      K paso ?!?!

      lol my thoughts are always everywhere I guess I feel more comfortable now sharing more of the diverse basket of fruit that are my deliberations. I agree with you that broads that use pussy as the central tool in their aresenal to get stuff or buffalo people into making a choice they don’t want too are a bit childish. But maturity is not only in short order, it’s lifespan is ephemerally short. After I hit maybe 27, I found I wasn’t attractice to girls, anymore. I preferred women. Women are awesome!There is a developed personality behind the looks. Conversation go beyond trivialities. It’s so awesome that even in those few moments where there is a regression to some girlish bullshit it’s manageable lol

      have you seen this:

      I have to check into the clit thing. <- That sounds funny. Ill get back to ya


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