Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Pork infused Bullets, Really

A79FD83C9683223163751B3251D395_h316_w628_m5_cBBnJioyDAnother day, another sign of the apocalypse: An Idaho ammunition manufacturer has started making bullets laced with pork, designed to be used on Islamic terrorists. Each bullet in South Fork Industries’ JiHawg Ammo line is coated with pork-laced paint which the company says “will keep a Muslim who’s shot with one of the bullets from entering paradise.” Although they earn points for creativity, they lose a few for reading comprehension. “There is no penalty for coming into contact with pork given by the Quran,” said Shannon Dunn, a religious studies professor at Gonzaga University. “To my knowledge, Muslims would not be banned from heaven for … getting hit by pork.” South Fork Industries has not commented on its new product line.


Does Anyone remember the Sepoy Rebellion or that one of its causes was the tallow greased cartridges. But even if you don’t remember that from 8th grade Social Studies or your 10 grade global studies course, does anything see something wrong with this? The thinking behind it is scary take a look

“With Jihawg Ammo, you don’t just kill an Islamist terrorist, you also send him to hell. That should give would-be martyrs something to think about before they launch an attack

“Peace Through Pork” and a “peaceful and natural deterrent to radical Islam.

There’s a related line of apparel that feature slogans like “Put Some Ham in MoHAMed” and a target poster that says “Give Em a Spankin with some Bacon.”

I am just waiting for an Innocent American-Muslim, or Muslim anywhere, to be going about their business and assaulted. These bullets are quite popular already: more than 4,300 people liked it on Facebook. And one fan, Ted of California, said he planned to buy 500 rounds. Another, Jeffrey, said he hoped someone would smuggle the bullets into U.S. military troops. Every so many years a new minority group is selected to be tarred and feather by our nation and right now the bullseye is on “Muslims”. The first prerequisite for  a minority group to be selected to be abused on a nationwide scale, is to refuse to educate the populace about the group, and to use that lack of education to build a propaganda campaign. Being hit with pork products wont send a Muslim to hell.Then after that propaganda campaign the latent anxiety and xenophobia will do the rest


If someone is extreme enough to commit himself/herself to violence and terrorism, I doubt pork laced bullets will deter him much. To decide to destroy life is a very firm decision.

Advice to Muslims

A facebook acquaintance of mine penned a really interesting article entitled:

Advice to Dark-Skinned Men Who Speak Foreign Language

Her advice mirror almost exactly the same advice  I was given as a child. I have read it twice now and it really got me thinking about where we are headed as a country. Here is an excerpt from the article:

A Saudi national, injured by the explosion, was transported to the hospital, interrogated and described by some media as a suspect. In fact, he was a victim but a Saudi victim. He is now presented as a witness.

My Advice: If you are a foreigner, especially from an Arab/Muslim countries, avoid places of gathering because if something happens you will likely be the number one suspect.

-Let’s Kill All Muslims! This intelligent remark was made on Twitter by Fox News commentator Erik Rush. On the day of the bombing[Boston Bombing], Rush tweeted « Everybody do the National Security Ankle Grab! Let’s bring more Saudis in without screening them! C’mon! » When someone asked if he was blaming all Muslims for the bombing, Rush replied, « Yes, they’re evil. Let’s kill them all. » Rush later said it was « sarcasm. » But Rush didn’t explain if it was « sarcasm » when he later tweeted, « It’s nice to see all the Islamist apologists standing up for those who would waste them in a heartbeat. » 

My Advice: Media/TV personalities who promote hate and Islamophobia should also be held accountable when hate/Islamophobic crimes happen. Why can’t we learn the lessons of what happen in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks when Sikhs were killed for being mistaken for Muslims or when Muslims were targeted for being Muslim?




  1. How can this be allowed? These bullets are made to be used on people — yes, I know, terrorists are people, too. Isn’t there some sort of law that forbids people of making murder-weapons? I mean, a gun isn’t necessarily a murderweapon, cause you can use it for hunting. But this, is obviously made to promote killing people. There has to be a law against that, right?


    • The right to bear arms is part of the constitution and this falls under that umbrella. If anythign this could be as incite public violence kind of thing but I do not know too much about the law or too much about who will prosecute the company and such


      • I don’t see how bear arms are the same as pig filled bullets. But okay, I’ll let it go. You Americans and your bear arms. Isn’t a nice deer head good enough? Or a stuffed duck?


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