Bridal magazine disregards black brides (and sees nothing wrong with it)

it was really interesting to read this

Black Women of Brazil

Note from BW of Brazil: Below is a critique of a Brazilian women’s magazine for women who plan to get married and want just the right hairstyle for their big day. The critique was sent to the Escreva Lola Escreva blog from a reader who was disgusted and disappointed when she picked up a magazine in hopes of finding a pretty hairstyle but hardly found any black women in the magazine and no hairstyles meant for black women who preferred to wear their hair in its natural texture. To add insult to injury, when she wrote the magazine to express her disappointment she received as response in which the makers of the magazine saw absolutely nothing wrong with this exclusion.

If you’ve followed this blog for any period of time you would already know that this is standard practice in Brazil’s print media and media in general. Afro-Brazilians simply don’t…

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2 thoughts on “Bridal magazine disregards black brides (and sees nothing wrong with it)

    1. I dunno ? I spent some time wracking my brain to understand but I can’t because I like myself. I Dont relaly Understand it TarnZs maybe because Im on the other side of the fence ? It would be nice to havea place I can call home where I feel accepted etc, or at least my kids do if I ever have any


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