Jocular Look @ Today’s News: New gym only accepts members who are 50-plus pounds overweight

New gym only accepts members who are 50-plus pounds overweight


There are a hundred reasons to skip the gym, but feeling like you’re being judged by the other members shouldn’t be one of them. That’s the idea behind Dallas’ Downsize Fitness. The upscale chain has everything that the trendiest gyms do, except negative attitudes … and mirrors. Downsize is mirror-free and requires that any potential member is “fifty or more pounds overweight.” That kind of supportive atmosphere is welcomed by its members, who might feel self-conscious in more traditional fitness centers. Downsize founder Francis Wisnewski knows what his clients are going through. “I’ve been overweight my whole life,” he said. “I was embarrassed to go to the gym myself.” [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

MrMary remembers when, fate brought him back to the gym about a year and change ago. Working over-time and multiple jobs coupled with my eating habit made me into a fat fuck. I knew I needed to work out again and once I made the conviction to do so here I was at Bally’s. While on the gym tour, I was immediately sized up by all the knuckle heads on the machine.

Are a ton of negative attitudes and judgements ? Yes

I think that if you go to improve yourself and better yourself the attitudes dont matter. I feel think that the majority of issues don’t start at the gym though, they start with a person’s psychology. But before I get into that lets look at some comments:

Fat man holding a measurement tape

I think the idea is great.  Many people are afraid of being judged by their obesity and avoid the gym where the hunks and size 0 girls hang out to flirt and find lovers.    This will give the overweight people a place to go and exercise without being compared to skinny people who just want to hang out.

Gym rats ruin the gym so why not keep it amongst peers. I like it.

If your impulse, when presented with other gym patrons that are fitter / stronger than you are, is to sulk and not challenge yourself to get in better shape then you have already lost.

I’m probably going to get bashed for this, but it sounds like discrimination to me. I think it sets a terrible precedent. What is to stop a business from excluding overweight people, blondes, tall people, people who are single,etc.?

let me choose , which one will it be… a nice clean professional place with people like me that are nice and understanding, OR the ones filled with people that are stick thin, they can take their glares, stares , mumbled under breath comments ,(not really) subtle putdowns, geniune(but not appreciated) concern, disapproving body language and facial gestures, the oops you overheard me talking loudly about YOU to my friend confrontations…..i​ choose the fat people only gym wish there was one in my area

Before I yammer on with more of my non-sense, I’d like to know what you all think


  1. Great in theory but I think many times we feel we are being judged by others and the reality; we are being judge by ourselves and we project on to others.
    So if one achieves their goal and drops the above 50 lbs, does that mean they will be judged and no longer able to work-out in their gym with their friends?
    Personally when I see someone very over weight at my gym I mentally give them so much credit for not only wanting a change but acting on it.


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