Mr Mary Travels: Las Vegas Reflections

(Guys I have such bad internet connection here, I have a bunch of videos and posts coming so bear with me -MrMary)

My two-day stay at Vegas was both nice and thought provoking. Vegas is a study in frugality and in excess. You may ask why in frugality? Well the person in Vegas is offered every opportunity to indulge in every kind of excess known to man the people who provide these avenues and outlets to excess are extremely frugal always making sure to take in more than give out. The drinks are free as long as you gamble but expect them to be watery. From far away the women given out the drink are shapely but up-close their age and tiredness betrays the make-up and the cute outfits they wear.

One of the last times I was in Vegas or rather stayed at the casinos near state-line while I was gambling at the penny slots I was able to deduce that the lady serving us drinks was either from the Ukraine or the former Soviet Union. We had a great conversation and through the words I saw the tiredness in her face. I saw a sparkle of hope too, hope that this job was just a brief stepping stone and soon she wouldn’t have to don the mask and the uniform that helped make other people fantasies more easy to swallow.

Simple Economics! Supply and demand!

I am truly convinced that despite the horrible things we do to each other there are so many things beautiful and redeemable about human beings. However if you ask anyone: What do you feel is redeemable about the human existence you will get one of three responses:
1. Silence
2. I don’t Know
3. Why are you always thinking? Why can’t you just enjoy the moment?

One thing we are never given is a clean mirror to see ourselves. In the news we are bombarded with negativity. We work to many hours for to little pay, and thanks to industrialization we live a fragmented life. What I mean by that is every human being is reduce to being only a consumer, a consumer of, ideology, produce, clothing, make-up. All our needs and wants are presided over by a series of companies that gives us the faulty images of what we should do or aspire to. None of these images are filling they lack a certain something necessary for a balanced healthy life. Everyone knows this.

So when the feelings of unfulfillment reach a crescendo, you can go to Vegas. You can be a winner here. You can free yourself from the chains that bind you with a single pull of the slot machine, a single cast of the die. You are encouraged to spend and spend to explore every deviancy you’ve ever heard of, the high end stores beckon you up and down the strip, the buffets, the unlimited champagne brunch all help you ease into spending your money.

For a brief moment everyone is happy, they win a little bit, but still lose in the end.

I have come to this conclusion by observing myself in Vegas. I do not consider myself separate from anyone else. I am guilty of it all, except exploring all sexual deviancies as I went with my lady. If I came here when I was single and crazy then maybe a different story.

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