Dear HBO, this is how the last episode of “Game of Thrones” should have ended


Seriously. I dont get people nowadays. Especially since I have been watching TV after a decade long hiatus.

If you are willing to engage in the slow suicide of passively waste hours of the day in front of the TV, you should firstly be grateful you have that option. Secondly why is your opinion as a consumer important? Do we need so many articles on Game of Throne? Take a look at this screen-shot. I believe that TV is our main vehicle for tuning out reality and inducing a nihilistic sort of mind-sleep. It’s a vehicle into some sick fantasy.

When people complain about shows I take that to mean that its a little more difficult than usual to get into the fantasy.


BTW, tell me what you have left from the news when you remove

  1. ads/Commercial
  2. Celebrity  news
  3. Stories about TV show episodes

The answer is nothing anyone wants to read.

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