‘Why everything sucks’ by Craig Ferguson

Interesting take, what do you think ?


      • Eh, working from 10am-7pm, but not a bad day.

        I do think he’s onto something though. People tend to dislike you if you’re overly intellectual or actually care about whether your opinions have evidence to support them. No, instead we’re supposed to just follow the most popular beliefs without taking time to question WHY we’re doing so.


      • I think our values as a society are a bit misguided. Everyone wants all the benefit of being and sounding right and of having the legion of people behind them but not the truth or learning/reading to reinforces one belief etc.

        on a separate note: I am starting to consider just going some place far away and starting a new life as a fisherman or something else. Work is starting to make me sick


      • LOl

        Uhm sometimes society makes me sick, or rather I do not feel like participating too much in society. I kind of have never found the correct balance between the appropriate amount of solitude and social participation. I would be happiest I think working for myself having a home office, and not having to engage much in corporate or academic culture.

        A lot of the jobs I have had have been in windowless rooms. In the first apt i lived in for 17 years the windows opened to brick walls. I like the idea of being a fisherman and seeing some thing real all around me while I work that isn’t data or a program I wrote, something alive and unknown.

        Also I get to tell people at the bar I am a seaman, had a horrible case of crabs, and my fingers smell the way they do for no libidinous reasons etc. If I was a shephard I am not set up well enough for joking purposes, living sheepskin condom jokes that’s about it …


  1. What do I think? I think Craig Ferguson is a flipping genius (I’ve been a fan of Mr. Ferguson’s for a long time — “Saving Grace” is one of my all-time favorite movies!). I do worry sometimes that he bites the hands that feed him (in this case, advertisers) and that they may, because it’s in their power, take him away from me on a nightly basis — I would miss him terribly if they did — because he’s smart and funny and, at least from where I’m sitting, easy on the eyes. He’s refreshing in his irreverence — because I really think it’s genuine — unlike Dave and Jon whose irreverence sometimes seems forced or studied. I love what he has to say here — it reminds me of the old adage “Youth and enthusiasm are no match for old age and treachery”! 🙂


    • I have been a big fan of Craig ferguson for a while now. He is all kinds of awesome. When I was really really depressed I used to watch his shows on youtube and they would get me laughing again. I was a big fan of the Secretariat skit where there would be a doorbell rings and he would come dancing through.

      I actually like watching him more than jay or Dave. He is incredibly smart and I hope he stays on for a long time. I love that old adage btw !!!!!!!!


  2. This guy is a genius. He’s absolutely right.

    I always say that the world got fucked when industrialization and marketing started growing in high speed, i.e. The 60’s. This guy’s theory completely fits in that. I hadn’t even thought of it this way.


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