Telling Inappropriate Jokes # 1 – Behind the Shock

Let Me set the scene for you:


Myself and a few other people are engaged in the deepest philosophical conversation. No stone, is left unturned and the sheer magnitude and intensity of our questioning easily forces Mother Nature’s hand, and like on the 2nd date right behind the dumpster in a car, Nature gives up her secret. The universe is now merely another construct that exists within my ever expanding understanding. My companion on this journey beyond truth, decide to reward themselves with some light banter and I tune out. I let my self drift and as I return to the now from the phantasmorgic sally – the day-dream – through the clear shallow waters of reality, I hear this quote by Mother Theresa:

I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts,
there can be no more hurt, only more love.

I immediately answer

Yeah that’s nice and all but Mother Theresa Never Tried Anal….. what?….
are you trying to tell me there is no love in anal ….?

 The Aftermath

Bad jokeSome laughed, some were greatly offended and accused me of making fun of their religion. Mother Theresa is a saint how dare I assert for the sake of a joke that a saint experimented with anal. Sure, a college cheerleader being promiscuity to improve her social image, taking the snap deep from the entire defensive line is ok, well as long as she washes her hands and contributes to the collection this coming Sunday but not a saint?. Mr Mary let’s them get offended, but ultimately he was sad that no one could see what he was actually alluding too.

Lemme Explain

One of the legacies of the Abrahamic religions (in particular Christianity and Judaism)  is the belief that sex is for procreation. For St Augustine and many early church fathers paradise is devoid of any animal passion, sexual passions are ultimately evil.

Augustine’s view of sexual feelings as sinful affected his view of women. For example he considered a man’s erection to be sinful, though involuntary,because it did not take place under his conscious control. His solution was to place controls on women to limit their ability to influence men. Augustine viewed women not only as threatening to men, but also as intellectually and morally inferior. He equated flesh with woman and spirit with man.He believed that the serpent approached Eve because she was less rational and lacked self-control, while Adam’s choice to eat was viewed as an act of kindness so that Eve would not be left alone. Augustine believed sin entered the world because man (the spirit) did not exercise control over woman (the flesh)

If you read between the lines you will see that according to this type of doctrine the best part of a human being is not to be found in that which ties him to Nature. It is not to be found in his passions and instinctual behaviour. This doctrine introduces an artificial  separation between a man’s mortal sense and that which transcend; it alienates a person from his earthly roots.  To attain heaven one had to transcend ourselves. There is also psychology a putting down of the feminine energies of creation if you want to get all Jungian, which translates into a lack of a balanced psychological development.

Furthermore the transcendence of the all the trappings of our  mortal coil was helped by Jesus this part part god being which makes as much sense as the puritans hats with the fucking buckle on it. I don’t know anyone who is part Human part god, aside from this one stripper but it was just a special part.

Consequently balls deep in our social conditioning is this dichotomy between

  1. the inner life & the outer life
  2. Men and Women
  3. Man and Nature

For me church and religion have nothing to do with God or answering the deeper question about one’s existence.they are a social entity  and as a social entity they are concerned to a large degree with securing their customer base and expanding.

My mother Theresa joke asks valid questions:

  1. What is a good person ?
  2. Can one judge what a good person is based on outward appearances ?
  3. What is it that we believe that a spiritual person has to be dress in bland apparel, has to be virgin or abstain from sex?
  4. What does it mean to be a saint ?
  5. Can you look to someone as a guide when their life has little in common with you ?

Not many people in the world take a vow of celibacy and live the life of a nun or a brother or a priest. If Mother Theresa talks to me about “love” what does it mean? What can I take away from that? I can understand how important it is to serve others, which is why I let my lady… . How does a person relate to the Mother Theresa’s of the world who the various socio-religious institutions tell us are  the examples we should follow ?

This isn’t a knock on Mother Theresa at all this is calling into question many things – how we as humans gather meaning from the world, the psychological ramifications of raising someone to a saint and I can go on but I wont. All that and more from what seemed to be a ‘dirty joke’

Some Joke Telling Observations

  1. People who are very dogmatic in their beliefs do not have a  well developed sense of humour
  2. Comedy/Humour is an amazing tool for catharsis, and for analysing the situation we find ourselves in as individuals and as a collective
  3. Most people are not grown up enough in their 30’s or 40’s to talk about sex, and all that is taboo I feel many of us are like children that never fully grew up under the exterior of an adult
  4. Almost anything you say at any moment can be a serious offence to someone, and they are likely going to spend so much time yelling that they will not have a clear understanding of what you are saying, now ill they care to try and understand
I do not believe there is such a thing as a slut or whore. People are people we have our desires big deal However this image made me laugh so I included it. Taken from the article: Why Taylor Swift will never be called a whore

I’m not saying that every joke is a polished gem of necessary satire. For example this comes from a post I wrote but never published because it can appear I’m being a bit of a dick :

All works of literature are like a Taylor Swift album in that they are about someone leaving usually after coming unexpectedly when they shouldn’t have, or they are about someone returning after leaving unexpectedly doing something they shouldn’t have. Actually you may  not think so at first glance but Ms Swift herself is the perfect literary analogy like the Trojan Horse of legend, a lot of men came inside her bringing her  fame and notoriety and bullshit albums.

Anyways that’s it,

Whaddya think about jokes and in particular bad ones?




  1. A good person should be known by what they say and do, not what they look like (or worse, what religion they are).

    A saint is someone that the Catholic church believes has lived the best kind of life AND has performed miracles after death.

    I personally feel that abstaining from sex or wearing dull clothing is fine…if that is how you are comfortable living your life. If you want to dress like a color blind hobo let loose at a multi home garage sale, but are still a good person, cool. If you want to give and receive sexual pleasure with a new partner every week, but you practice safe sex/ensure consent, and are a good person, that’s also cool. This idea of sex being “inherently sinful” unless used for babymaking is crap.

    A good person is someone who leaves their section of the world better than it was originally. A mediocre person leaves it exactly the same. A bad person leaves it worse.

    If someone is a guide, they are leading you. It is fine to follow so long as you recognize that there are other paths to take, and you constantly remind yourself that you are free to walk on those instead. Do not allow yourself to blindly follow any person/group/belief…always, always, ALWAYS know WHY you are following. Guides are only as good as the kind of follower they attract.

    Ok. Now I’m done! 🙂


    • Hola Tarnished

      Usually in the context of joking around Im a bit sloppy. I do not follow any religion. I think I like to poke fun sometimes at religion and I usually do so with Catholicism give the 9 years (K thru 8th grade) of catholic elementary school and the 4 years at an all boys catholic prep school. That has given me ample ammunition.

      There is a quote by Hafiz the 14th century mystic poet that I like whereby he says:

      This is not a courtroom anymore!The time of judging who’s drunk or sober, who’s right or wrong, who’s closer to God or farther away, all that’s over. This caravan is led instead by a great Delight, the simple joy that sits with us now, that is the grace.

      Mother Theresa was well liked and I believe that her road to canonization will not be centuries in the making. She was beautified in 2003 6 years after she died I think she has it in the bag. The idea that Mother Teresa had the best kind of life was what I wanted to fdiscuss with my acquaintainces

      Im with ya I have always felt that the whole sex only for baby making is bullshit, like c’mon seriously?!?!? I think calling someone a whore or a slut is nonsense as well. I dont buy into virgins being pure either. I think that this whole weird ideology really had terrible ramifications over the centuries. Whatever someone wants to believe they should have the freedom to do so, WHoever they wanna have sex with or how often is nobody’s business. If they want to dress in garbage bags so be it. Also long as they arent a threat to the safety of others or themselves go for it

      I have some thoughts on guides but its close to 5 am and Im need my beauty sleep.

      peace out for now


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