Welcome Back

The King Returns


The Second Reign

It is without much fanfare that I’ve emerged from my self-imposed exile from blogging. While a lot has changed, what hasn’t is the frequency and intensity that you, my audience, have cried out for someone to guide you again through the labyrinthine simulacrum of reality referred to as daily living. I understand your concern as well, as I take upon my shoulders the responsibility to speak honestly and cast my light on the nefarious shadows that engulf your every thought.

You must be asking,  ‘Does he still have it ?’  Can he lead out of the perilous dark of moral somnolence into a new beginning wrought with hope, possibility and free condoms? I still honor my commitment to sweeten reality with my acerbic wit, overly didactic diatribe, perspicacious social commentary and irreverent joking, because laughter as well as discrete masturbation habits is all that separates us from the beast of the field, unless it’s Spring Break Panama City.

I decree that:

Even though large tracts of blogs on WordPress, many old and famous have fallen or may soon fall into the grip of an almost eternal slumber I shall go on to the end fight against becoming boring, typical and predictable whatever the cost may be until, in God’s good time, something new (preferably a lady in her mid to late twenties) steps forth to the rescue me from my old habits putting my absurd pontifications online.



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