In light of recent events, I wont be shutting this Blog down

A few months ago, I was close to done writing on ASpoonfulOfSuga. Since that time Donald J Trump has become President-Elect hate crimes are up 115% in my beloved NYC, and if current estimates are any indication there have been approximately 900 hate crimes committed since President Elect Trump won  the electoral college vote.

hate-crimes-election-evening-news-2016-11-19If overt racism and xenophobia where a train, then this historic subway line has been given new revamped above ground routes. The cherry on top of this cake has been the denial of the existence of facts which may in my estimation have launched an era where both facts and truth are forced to take a back seat to the oftentimes baseless, misconstrued and/or surreptitious narrative that they are conscripted to help promulgate.

This sadly is and has been my America, just turned up a bit. I had created a new blog, and a medium account to write more seriously about the current times and I plan on continuing to do so, but I will write here as well. I would love to hear from you all about how you’ve been and what did you think about the election and its aftermath


Satire, Charlie Hebdo and Queen Rania

It’s understandable why countless people were offended by the Charlie Hebdo cartoon depicting Aylan as a future sex offender. However, as a student of satire I’m always suspect when it(satire) doesn’t offend. Firstly, it is impossible to not offend someone just given the sheer number of people on earth connected through social media, which specializes in bringing together into the arena of the private screen, diverse ways of thinking and ideologies in real time. Secondly, before we go further into the issue, let’s briefly mention that satire is a an art-form that finds expression through a plethora of avenues with literature and the performing arts literature being the most familiar. The intent of sarcasm is oftentimes social criticism clothed in humor. Satire uses exaggeration and at times ridicule to expose and criticize biases that inform no end of current issues. The issue concerning satire is can we move past the initial offense towards action.

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