Jocular Look @ Today’s News: Onions on hamburger send Oregon man into ‘McFury’


Jayme John Leon, 50, reportedly

threw a soda in

a McDonald’s manager’s face and

smashed a cash

register over the dispute.


The unexpected inclusion of onions on a hamburger sent one Oregon man into what police called a McFury, which could not be alleviated even after he was offered a free replacement burger. The Oregonian reports that Jayme John Leon, 50, reportedly threw a soda in a McDonald’s manager’s face and smashed a cash register over the dispute. Leon walked into a local McDonald’s on September 23 and ordered a quarter pounder burger without onions. But when he returned home, Leon discovered the burger was in fact topped with onions. When he called the restaurant to complain, Leon was told he was entitled not only to a refund but also to a free replacement burger. Leon reportedly ate the offending burger anyway but still showed up at the McDonald’s demanding a refund and fresh burger.

MrMary Weighs In

You cannot demand a refund or anything after you eat the burger in question. But I wonder about people flipping out over trivial stuff. For a while post office workers were in the new for going crazy. Ambulance  driver have among the highest rate of suicide the same goes for returning vets. There is something wrong socially  and I cant place my finger on it that causes people to flip out or be consumed with rage. Any ideas?

If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up.
Hunter S. Thompson


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Literally road hard and hung up wet, i typed that into Google and She came up and since then I havent been able too

Debunking a Popular Myth: Amateur Porn

There are many deceiving phrases in English like: “Fuck Ms Buttersworth!!” While You may ask what has she done to anyone other than pretend to be a character from, a movie called: “The Help”, and a future character Eddie Murphy may impersonate in another film I won’t see …, I would answer: “Nothing, she is a fictitious character, but so were the girls/guys in your wet dreams as a child”.

I would like today to deconstruct the phrase and today: Amateur porn. Technically I have always felt that amateur  should be a video of two virgin trying to figure out  what’s the most obnoxious way to eat either an open faced beef-sammich au jus, or a quick breakfast of over-boiled sausage with weird swampy funk atop boiled eggs, i.e. it should be something no one wants to see.

First the Definitions

NJ Governor Chris Christie amateur weight loser


:one who engages in a pursuit, study, science, or sport as a pastime rather than as a profession

: one lacking in experience and competence in an art or science


First off let stay with this word because it brings up a few interesting points, namely:

  1. For the people who act in porn is it a profession or a past-time?
  2. What is it that they are lacking experience in ?
  3. Concerning the question before by in do we mean “in” literally or figuratively ?

It is neither a profession or a past-time, like brown-bagging it (a non-sexual term that should be) at the market, it’s a way of life.  We have all eaten stuff we didn’t like that left you picking your teeth for a while afterwards, and we have all choked in something in the past, and we have all been in front of a camera, we have all ordered pizza, or momentarily, when it suited us, forgotten the difference between right and wrong.

To me this clearly means that the ‘actors’ in porn, aren’t going hard into method. They are not real actors though like many real actors they need money to support a boyfriend, 3 kids and a coke habit while living in Southern California, and all the furniture on their set is covered to protect from those everyday spills.

Granted maybe it’s not every day that they use all those common plebeian talents all at once, but if you ask me to hold a pose in front of camera, while eating a free box lunch, it wouldn’t be a daunting challenge and that wouldn’t make me an amateur porn star, even if the box was really big and sloppy.

The Real Reason
why it’s called Amateur

Literally road hard and hung up wet. I typed that into Google and she came up and since then I havent been able too (j/k)

Every guy know you can only use the excuse, this is my first time, for a couple for years before you have to start being accountable. In this case it’s a lack of accountability adult film producers are trying to account for.  Why you ask, well because the actors and actresses aren’t what you would call beautiful/handsome in the classic sense – stretch marks,  surgery scars, maybe some bullet/knife wounds sagging parts, … etc. These people are so not classically beautiful they aren’t worth using good film on or even editing crappy film.

Bottom Line: No such thing as amateur porn, there are only less than beautiful people  trying hard to make fucking  not appealing


Just say it already ………………..

I generally feel that whenever something  awful happens in American the immediate reaction is to find a scape goat to pin it on and then neatly wrap the case up in time for dinner and our favorite TV shows.

Case and Point

let’s look at this a little more first:

James Holmes Cops Investigating Sex Site Profile

A man claiming to be James Holmes created a profile on a popular sex website just days before “The Dark Knight Rises” massacre … in which he described his penis as “short/average” … and law enforcement sources tell TMZ investigators are now looking at the site to determine its authenticity.

James Holmes Reportedly Took Drugs Before Shooting Spree

James Holmes took Vicodin 2-and-a-half hours before yesterday’s shooting rampage … this according to a new report.

2nd Grade English

I remember from grammar school being told that the first line of every paragraph is the most important. Further more the first line of the first paragraph of anything is the most important. With the exception of a few things this rule has pretty much held true over the years.

So if were were to read these two articles taking a Vicodin and having an average sized schlong is grounds for committing atrocities. We should regular Vicodin sales  and whoever isn’t buying Magnum condom. Wonderful idea to keep people safe.

Can’t we just say that there are people who like inflicting pain on others for no reason? Can’t we all admit that there are people walking around that are fucking nuts? I guess we cant because that would force us to ask on what side of the line do we sit and we are afraid  of what the answer may be and rightly so.

In the meantime here are some more headlines to distract you from the real questions:

Colorado Shooting Suspect James Holmes — The Match.Com Profile
Colorado Shooter James Holmes — Rejected By 3 Women Before Massacre
James Holmes — Obsessed with NON-VIOLENT Video Game Guitar Hero

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You Know It’s Bad When

Fox News Reporter Hired as Vatican Media Adviser

ROMEIn an effort to shore up its communications strategy amid a widening leaks scandal in a troubled papacy, the Vatican has hired the Fox News correspondent in Rome as a senior communications adviser.The correspondent, Greg Burke, 52, who has covered the Vatican for Fox since 2001, will leave the network to help improve and coordinate the Vatican’s various communications operations, Mr. Burke and the Vatican spokesman said. Some Vatican watchers called the move a power play by media-savvy Americans inside a Vatican hierarchy run by Italians whose most frequent communications strategy is to accuse their critics of defamation. Mr. Burke is a member of the conservative Opus Dei movement, and his hiring underscores the group’s role in the Vatican.

What That means In Plain English

Frankly speaking you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. The vatican hasn’t updated it sperm laced manuals on hwo to deal with issues. Killing loads of people to silence them and then blaming it on Satan wouldnt seem to fitting, especially since the the whole inquisition, ousting of the Jews from Europe and the whole Slavery is good for the negro soul thing. new times call for new methods and it seems no one is more adept at  covering up the truth and spouting disinformation better than the american news media. They have had much training in justify wars, police brutality, criminalizing the poor, so sack tickling priest and global cover-up should be nothing.

What does he have to cover up/make seem better/Communicate Effectively

  1. That is a tall order. Vatican experts say that the institution is suffering from a deep crisis of leadership more than of communications. Pope Benedict XVI is seen as an intellectual with little interest or skill in governing, and his deputies have been mired in infighting.
  2. The Vatican must deal with a growing investigation that has led to the arrest of the pope’s butler in connection with the leaking of private documents, a case that could reach into higher levels of the hierarchy.
  3. The Vatican’s secretive bank remains embroiled in controversy over whether it can meet international transparency standards.
  4. And on Friday in Philadelphia, a former aide to a cardinal became the first senior official of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States to be convicted of covering up sexual abuse by priests under his supervision in a vast scandal that has cost the church untold credibility and more than $1 billion in legal settlements.

What does this Say about America?

We all know that something was up with the church. I mean the pope dresses like Liberace and yet the church has an anti-gay stance, I won’t even mention the castrated boys choir.  I mean it clear to me that the world knows we are full of shit. All men are created equal except, women, Native Americans and Negros. We are a nation of immigrants who are so divided on immigration. We work for Peace through War, we are for religious tolerance yet well I mean I dont have to get into it do I ?  Like America Oceania in Orwell’s classic 1984 is depicted as a nation of perpetual war, pervasive government, public mind control and the voiding of civil rights.

I wonder if violent regimes around the world will start really hiring republican Lawyers and Bill O’ Reilly to do some good ole fashion PR for them. President Assad in Syria can be fighting domestic home grown terrorists, some of which like  in an American drone strike due to their proximity to some assumed terrorists must be terrorists too. Our number one export seems to be disinformation….

“America’s leading industry, is still the manufacturing, packaging and selling of bullshit. High quality, grade A, prime cut, pure American bullshit. Bullshit is everywhere. This entire country is completely full of shit and always has been. From the declaration of independance, to the constiution, to the star spangled banner, it’s still nothing a big steaming pile of red, white and blue bullshit. Think of how we started, this country has founded by a group of slave owners who said that all men were created equal…except for blacks, indians and women right!? Americans really show their ignorance when they say they want their politicians to be honest. What are these fucking cretins talking about. If honesty were suddenly introduced into American life, the whole system would collapse. No one would know what to do! Honesty would fuck this country up”

Reblogged: A friend of mine gets booted out of Downtown Sports Bar (Raleigh, NC) for being black, because this is 1960*, apparently

This was reblogged from here . The story really moved me and made me angry.  Please check out the original blog post. But I have reprinted the course of events  below. Enjoy


My name is Jonathan Wall, and I am a 21 year old black male from Raleigh, NC. I was born and raised here, and just a few weeks ago I graduated from Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. This fall I’ll be headed to grad school at Harvard to get a Master’s degree in Education Policy and Management. I’m in Raleigh for the summer before heading off to grad school.

As the story begins, on last Saturday night around 12:30am, I and 2 other friends went to Downtown Sports Bar and Grill off of Glennwood Avenue. The night got interesting as soon as we got to the door, and the bouncer told us “you need a membership to come in tonight, I’ve never seen you here before.” My friend Chris and I looked at each other in curiosity, knowing that the establishment was a bar and not a club, and that people in line before us walked right in after showing their ID. The only difference between those people and my friends and I was our race. Still, we stood at the door in bewilderment asking “What?” as he further tried to explain that we weren’t going to be able to come in because of our “non-member” status. However, as he was explaining this, a police officer walked up to where he was standing to tell him something unrelated. As soon as he caught sight of the officer beside him, he said “Never mind, y’all go ahead.” This was the first interesting ordeal of the night, but not the last.

We were downstairs for all of ten minutes, when my two friends dispersed. My friend Chris went to the bathroom, and my friend Kristin went upstairs to get some fresh air. Only a few seconds after they left, what appeared to be a bartender came from behind the bar to clean drinks off of one of the tall bar tables that was near me. After he cleaned the table, it looked as if he was headed back behind the bar when he came up to me and said “Either buy a drink or leave right now.” Again shocked, I replied “I’m just waiting for my friend to come back from the bathroom.” He responded, “I don’t care, get a drink or leave right now.” I said “Okay” and began texting. He walked away from me, then went and sat with his back to the bar as he stared me down. Being non-confrontational, I looked towards the bathroom, waiting to see my friend come out so that we could leave. I also took notice of how many of the people surrounding the bar and the club area didn’t have drinks in their hands. I felt as if I was singled out. The common denominator, again, was that I was the only black person around. After staring me down for about 30 seconds, he walked back over and said “Are you going to buy a drink, or are you going to leave?” I replied, “As soon as my friend comes from the bathroom.” Before I cold utter another word, he grabbed my right wrist and my left arm and threw them behind my head in an effort to constrain me, although I was speaking to him a calm and non-aggressive tone and didn’t once even gesture. He then used excessive force to push me through the crown and out of the club while I was still in this “headlock” of sorts, before pushing me out of the front door. As soon as he grabbed me, I let my body go limp because with the degree of force he was already using, I didn’t want him to think I was trying to fight back. I accepted that he was on an ego-trip, and let him guide me through the club in this position before pushing me out. I was completely shocked and more saddened that this was happening than angry.

As he was walking me out, my friend Chris came out of the bathroom and ran up to where he we were, asking him what I did wrong. He didn’t reply. I had done nothing but suggest that I would wait for my friend to come from the bathroom and leave instead of purchasing a drink. After making sure I was all right, my friend and I went to the bouncer at the front door to try to tell him what had just happened and get an explanation. He waved us off and told us to just get away.

I walked up and down Glennwood Avenue looking for a police officer to talk to—again, not angry, but sad and shocked that what I believed to have been blunt and undeniable segregation was taking place in an establishment in Raleigh, the city I was born, raised in, and love.

After about ten minutes and two redirections I was able to talk to the police sergeant, who was also on Glennwood. I explained to her everything in the previous paragraphs. She told me that this was a very unfortunate occurrence, but not an isolated instance. She explained that this happens all the time, and that if she approached the bartender about it, he’d have witnesses that would corroborate whatever story he made up as to why he kicked me out in such an aggressive manner. She then explained that my options were limited because if she proceeded with getting statements from both of us and conducted an investigation, the end result could be worse for me: either it would get dismissed in court, or we would both be charged with what is the equivalent of “fighting” and both have a misdemeanor. She said “He probably has a few charges already, but you’re young with a bright future ahead of you, and you don’t want that on your record.” I understood what she was saying, but wasn’t exactly sure whether I should trust a police officer within the network of bouncers/officers who worked the many clubs/bars of Glennwood. Just then, the man who threw me out came to the front door. I pointed him out to the officer, and she approached him to talk about the incident. They talked for about 3 minutes before she came back to me and said, “I knew this was going to happen. Now, I don’t believe him one bit, but he says that he has three people who witnessed you throw an elbow at him before he restrained you.” Shocked is an understatement. As I said earlier, I talked in a non-confrontational, clam and respectful tone, and didn’t even gesture when talking. There is no way that he could have perceived me as having thrown an elbow and I didn’t understand how three people would lie and say that I did. I asked the officer about video camera footage. If the club used cameras, they would show the conversation, and his aggressiveness in constraining me despite me posing no threat and remaining calm throughout the conversation and his constraining me. She said that it would require a search warrant and that there was “No telling” how the video could be edited, tampered with, or even done away with before it would be required to be handed over to the investigators. What troubled me about my conversation with the officer was that she seemed to assume the worst case scenario in every possible solution to my encounter. She kept talking about how much paper work would be involved, as if that were going to deter me from seeking justice. Still, it was 2am, and after speaking to both of my parents and my friends, I realized that justice couldn’t be served that night. Because of the lack of witnesses, it would simply be my word versus his (and that of his three “witnesses”), which could potentially yield extremely negative consequences for me, even though I had done nothing wrong throughout the entirety of the ordeal.

The next day, Sunday, my mother told my aunts and uncles about what happened and I found out something even more interesting. After my aunt told my 21-year-old cousin about what happened to me, my cousin called me immediately, requesting the name of the bar where this had happened. I told her the name, and she gasped before telling me that earlier that night, she and group of 4 of her friends had tried to go to the same bar (Downtown Sports Grill and Bar) but were told by the bouncer at the front door “I’ve never seen y’all here before. You can’t come in.” Confused, she asked “What?” and he replied “You’re not allowed in here because I’ve never seen you before.” My cousin didn’t feel like arguing or being somewhere she didn’t feel welcome so she and her friends simply walked away. Still, the only common denominator in her and my own dealings with the bar was one single factor: race. We were both African-Americans trying to enter and enjoy a bar that seemed to only welcome those not like us.

It is absolutely ridiculous that this still happens in America. It is even more ridiculous that it’s happening in Raleigh, North Carolina, one of the fastest growing and, increasingly, most diverse cities in America.

I talked to my attorney who said, simply, that although what happened was undoubtedly wrong and unjust, the fact of the matter was what I had assumed before: it would be an uphill battle to reach any kind of legal resolution. She then suggested that I contact the I-Team Troubleshooter to see if there was any possible solution when the media asked for answers as to why and how this was allowed to occur. She also suggested that I check whether my and my cousin’s stories were not isolated instances, and whether media coverage would expose more stories of racism and exclusion at this establishment.  

I thank you in advance for reading this, and for any help or assistance that you may be able to offer.