Why so serious MrMary ?

Usually when someone asks me why so serious I answer something inappropriate like:

Yeah Me too Lil Homey

You know, your ____________ (insert noun -mom, daughter, wife, ex-gf, sister, best friend, Francine) ask me the same thing when I was climbing off of her this morning, I guess I’m getting old.


I quote a line of poetry that is non-romantic and a bit disturbing like from the Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock

LET us go then, you and I,
When the evening is spread out against the sky
Like a patient etherized upon a table;
Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets,
The muttering retreats
Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels

That really gets the basement juice (New word) flowing for the ladies. In one move you managed to show that your creepy, well read, and a dick who probably wont call the next day, (According to rabid Anti-Semite Mel Gibson that’s really what women want)

The Events of The Day

Yesterday I fell into my own trap. I posted some serious hard hitting posts, and I feel that I have to rectify my out of character seriousness.  It’s bad enough I am a scientist, graduate instructor, and professional vaginal-filler (consensually of course). So here is my corrective and way of paying homage   to Sherman Helmsley, I loved watching him when I was a young boy and actually I found the word honkey so funny I would say it often, until someone pulled me aside and told me not to say it.

The Corrective


The show was truly edgy for its time like all in the family it still cracks me up.

by the way


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SendimentandSuch – a badass Blogger I stumbled onto

I met and came across a lot of really cool  bloggers recently. I’ve been kind of busy being a boss drinking malt liquor and getting under-age girls pregnant without though of helping them later in anyway shape or form,  you know regular black people stuff according to the statistics my Irish classmate who lives on the other side of the track basis his mediocrity life on. It’s not his fault though, he is still mad I never invited him to my parole Party, there was this black chick he wanted to mug up on and well…


Check this chica out what’s not to like she like the occasional dirty joke, she can recite Goethe, she is educated, likes and has tattoos, like me she is a fan of Nikki Minaj’s ass let me just quote:

There will be a LOT of naughty English words, random German words, and otherwise dirty/engaging rhetoric offered up for consumption in this small corner of the Internet.  I like to share thoughts mostly on political goodies, culture (both pop and otherwise), gay old times, literature, the irony-driven humor of life, philosophy, science, my favorite country besides my own: Deutschland, how owning a pug will make you a better human being, and other lovely side dishes that are sure to compliment any meal.

This week I learned that  she is deathly afraid of Birds and every winged creatures from this post: here.

So then….

Chocolate House is one of my many nickname, before only ex-gf could only use it but if your a nice lady who happens to read or like my blog feel free, Chocolate House loves you too Baby !!!!
She is super cool and as a result I am sending some love and Dark chocolate her way. Check out her page, show her some love, tell her MrMary sent ya