Celebrating Women: My Interview with Shannon Author of the ‘A VeryRudeGirl’ Blog (3/3)

MrMary-ly:  any questions for me ?
Shannon: Hmmmm
MrMary-ly: im a bit off my rocker …… thats my disclaimer

Question 1:

stream of consciousness

Shannon: Do you have an idea of what you’re going to write before you write, or do you just start typing and see where it takes you?
MrMary-ly: I see something and something comes through inspiration in my head and I work on it in my head while I work and do other stuff and when I sit down I try to transcribe whats there onto the blog or the paper for whatever I right
Shannon: You’re writing sounds very organic and unscripted. You still make your points and there’s definitely a flow, but i noticed it feels like a stream of consciousness.
MrMary-ly: yeah I have been working a lot on two poetry collevctions I want to publish this year
so its nice to let things flow and it is a help as I am unusually introspective keeps me connected to the day to day , terre a terre stuff

Question 2:

Shannon: Are you introverted as well? Or just introspective
MrMary-ly: yeah according to the Meyers Briggs test I am an INFP introverted and all that 
Shannon: I use to know what that meant (and what I was)
MrMary-ly: you’re all kinds of cool which is all that matters really at the end of the day
Shannon: I’m extroverted, I know that for certain
MrMary-ly: yeah crowds and a lot of talking make me wilt or become spiritually flaccid 

Question 3

Shannon: Are you aware that you come off as very extroverted in your blog and online?
MrMary-ly: oh really ? I didnt know I think I come off as a pervert who reads a lot and self pollutes
Shannon: Hahaha, well, you got the “reach out and touch someone” vibe going. Guess that’s kind of perverted
MrMary-ly: lol  Social interaction was an is  sometimes difficult
Shannon: I wouldn’t never have pegged you as introverted, based on your blog and tweets.
MrMary-ly:  ah I spent a lot of time looking at life from behind a glass, so if need be I can turn on charm be the talk of the town. With the people who are dear to me I probably talk too much at times
I think that was the main thought or reflection behind my post the great pretender actually every posts starts from a moment of reflection 

Question 4 Interview Becomes a Convo

Shannon: Do you think your interest in women’s rights comes from being a minority in anyway? 
MrMary-ly: hmm it comes from many places One my love of psychology and literature, my over production of testosterone. Ultimately  I feel we spend some much time creating useless divisions between ourselves that in separating ourselves from others we effectively estrange ourselves from ourselves
MrMary-ly: Guys never think that could be my sister or mother when they do or say dumb shit. The same way people when they say racist comments even in joke dont care to imagine what it might be like for others who are hurt by that. It causes me great pain to see people suffer , especially needlessly
for petty reasons
Shannon: I think that’s why social justice is so important. I’m not religious but I definitely support the idea that each person is responsible to fight an injustice when they see it. But people get so overwhelmed because there’s so much injustice in the world. There’s so much suffering and we feel tiny compared to it all. But it’s as simple as calling the cops when you think your neighbor is beating the shit out of their dog, their kids or their spouse
MrMary-ly: I agree with you, its quite overwhelming what matters is how u walked through the fire always I feel at least
Shannon: My creed/motto is “I would rather knowingly get hurt/killed by putting myself in a dangerous situation then watch as someone else gets hurt/killed beyond their control.”
MrMary-ly: yeah 

Shannon: some day I’m totally going to get punched in the face by a stranger. I know this.
 I’m just gonna have to be okay with it.
MrMary-ly: pain like life lasts a moment beauty/sincerity/compassion is a bit longer lasting
Shannon: It is, if we maintain it. It’s hard to remember that compassion is limitless. 
MrMary-ly: yeah you’re right
Shannon: I have to remind myself of that and think “what would the most compassionate person do?” and even then, I know I’m not that person.
MrMary-ly: It require a constant reminder and attentiveness
Shannon: Ask the dude 3 blocks from my house who asks me for change 3 times a week and I always say “no”. He definitely thinks I’ve no compassion.
MrMary-ly: I think the difficulty lies in the fact that things appear outwardly differently than they may actually be hard to find meaning sometimes based on outward appearances like I can go to church every Sunday , reading from some fancy book and be an asshole to my kids and wife behind closed doors
Shannon: Good point. I sometimes wonder if my actions match my desire and goals.
MrMary-ly: I think while we all contemplate that it is good to remember that everyone is  a work in progress until death time is meaningless, fuck Heideggar
Shannon: Evolving, evolving, evolving. I’m definitely smarter today then I was yesterday. I hope that trend continues.
MrMary-ly: to live is to learn to suffer is to be born again in a way it has to continue i feel whether we want it to or not
Shannon: If we suffer and we don’t learn the lesson, we’ve wasted the suffering.
MrMary-ly: yeah I have notice though that when I didn’t learn something it repeated again and again 
and again till i got it and each time it was worse it took a few tries but i never was intimate again with a girl with braces
Shannon: Definitely. Even after we learn it, it sometimes get worse, because we have to learn how to deal with it on a bigger scale.
MrMary-ly: j/k yeah the scale changes each time
Shannon: Thank god I never had braces 
MrMary-ly: lol 
Shannon: Also, thank my ancestors for negotiating a treaty with a dental plan.
MrMary-ly: hi five 
Shannon: LOL
MrMary-ly: lol
Shannon: Take that, white settlers!
MrMary-ly:  dont say that too loud there is still stuff left to take like pride and dignity
Shannon: hahahaha
MrMary-ly:  Disney for instances feeds on it and the souls of sad, flat chested girls or so I hear
Shannon: If I had to do it again, I’d definitely give up my beautiful straight teeth to get back the land and language that I lost.
MrMary-ly: really ? thats an impactful statement
Shannon: Absolutely. Fuck these teeth. I’d be toothless and give gummers and have acres and acres of lands
Shannon: And I’d speak Cree and my last name would be Badger (since the government took that too)
MrMary-ly: I’d like as a reader of your blog to read more about that aspect of your experience
Shannon: Well, it was more my father’s experience but I’m the product of it. 
MrMary-ly:  yeah  i gotcha
Shannon: But, it’s definitely a part of Canadian (and US) history that doesn’t get talked about enough.
MrMary-ly: yeah 
MrMary-ly: shame really
MrMary-ly:  very rich traditions there
Shannon: One page in the history book (literally, that’s all I remember. One page in the grade 9 social studies text book)
MrMary-ly: thats sad about as sad as sex ed class in catholic school
Shannon: It’s disgraceful
MrMary-ly: yeah
Shannon: hahaha
MrMary-ly: a nun taught us sex ed the boys were separated from the girls
Shannon: I’ll give my schools credit where credit is due. I had some pretty awesome sex ed teachers.
MrMary-ly: i thought she must have been a whore and just been trained on for years before she took to the cloth
Shannon: hahaha…like she was going to teach you the ways?
MrMary-ly: to wipe up years of excess
Shannon: hahahaha oh my god
MrMary-ly: lol 
Shannon: Such a clever turn of phrase. Love it
MrMary-ly: thank you, I try lol 
MrMary-ly:  my mom one day read a part of my post and thinks I need therapy and help of a spiritual kind
Shannon: I have no idea if my mom has read my blog. I think she’d say I don’t need to swear as much to get my point across.
MrMary-ly: yeah she told me that and as a response I said girls don’t need to moan as much but its gets me to tap into my reserves. It’s not something you generally say at Applebees. Do you have that in Canada? or is Mike’s still popular
Shannon: You say whatever you want at Applesbees. We have 1 in my city but I never go cause it’s in the boonies.
MrMary-ly: ? yeah its not worth it. Everything tastes overly salty like the cook jacks off into everything
and looking at the prices it would make sense
Shannon: Maybe he does. That might actually motivate me to go to Applebees more if I knew what the cook looked/tasted like
MrMary-ly: yeah man if only Magic Johnson knew He could have had more fun before the Combivir commercials
Shannon: Never seen those commercials.
MrMary-ly: your lucky
Shannon: Haha should I try to youtube them or save myself?
MrMary-ly: save yourself not worth it


MrMary-ly: this was nice so I was able to behave
Shannon: Alright, I’ll take your word for it. I don’t watch tv (I’m trying to say that in a way that doesn’t sound pretentious but it ALWAYS sounds pretentious. 
MrMary-ly: its good I don’t watch tv either it boring caters to the lowest common denominator
sort of like that ho bag nun before she got on her knees literally i suppose to



Celebrating Women: My Interview with Shannon Author of the ‘A VeryRudeGirl’ Blog (2/3)

Question 6

MrMary-ly:  But back to your blog I love your post called a Cunty post.  I love how it starts: “”A woman who shaves her vagina looks pre-pubescent.””
Shannon: Hahaha, I was mad when I wrote that (though I had slept on it, the anger was still there)
MrMary-ly: anger and sleeping on things makes babies  at least according to the Maury Povitch show and the paternity test results
Shannon: That post was my baby I suppose.
MrMary-ly: What pretty baby too! Is hair still a big deal ?  hair on privates?
Shannon: I think it is, to a lot of people, but for the wrong reasons.
MrMary-ly: yeah no one appreciate 70’s porn anymore. It’s like an expensive watch, it’s a privilege to come in a big hairy box esp during a recession. I’m speaking in generalities  of course as any gentleman would
Shannon: I just want people (men and women) to do what they want with their bodies because they want it, not because they want someone else to want it.
MrMary-ly: yeah  Power to the people for the peoples down below  the waistline
Shannon: Power to the pubes or the lack there of
MrMary-ly: we think a like

Question 7

MrMary-ly: I also read on your blog you are part Cree
Shannon: Indeed, I am.
MrMary-ly: Does Canada treat the native tribes with as much decency as the US does?
Shannon: It’s hard for me to say for certain, since very few people in the US knew I was native (I lived there for 2.5 years). But I can say, in both countries, Natives are on the outskirts of societies. They are marginalized in all ways. Physically, mentally and spiritually.
MrMary-ly: I traveled through the US and saw a lot of Bright smiles and empty brains, vapid reptilian looks  from lack lustre eyes  ….  yeah  it’s a shame really…. Does that (marginalization)  make expressing and articulating your identity in social setting more difficult
Shannon: I lived in Southern Colorado which is suppose to have a big native population and I only, knowingly, met one Native person the entire time I was there
Shannon: Hmmmm…let me think on your question for a moment  ….. Most of my friends are minorities, so I wouldn’t say it makes it difficult to express myself in my own personal social circle….. And, I’m very loud, abrasive and outspoken in all settings.  However, it makes it difficult to be a symbol of any kind. I look white. That’s fine, because I’m half white. I’m okay with that. But I don’t fit a strangers perception of a Native person and therefore, I can’t break stereotypes unless they talk to me. I identify more with being Native but I’m identified by strangers as White. That has it’s pros and cons.


MrMary-ly: I look forward to reading more thoughts from you on your blog on delving into more of your lascivious remarks on Twitter. We could go all night, conversing and such but I dont want to take too much of your times. Is there any message or statement you want to say as final homage  a message to fellow bloggers out there   Also feel free to ask any question,  of me if you’d like to
Shannon: To fellow bloggers: I guess my message would be to not worry about offending your readers and just to be as authentic as possible. However, I’m saying this as someone with a barely read blog, so take it with a grain of salt if having lots of readers is your goal.
MrMary-ly: cool i like your style and blog, and will threaten people to check it out
Shannon: hahaha, yes, please fear monger on my behalf. As an atheist, I disapprove of physical violence. However, verbal violence is A-ok

Stay Tuned for part 3

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Celebration Women: My Interview with Shannon Author of the ‘A VeryRudeGirl’ Blog (1/3)

I am going to for now dispense with the fluff and get right into it. But given your love for fluff I will start off part 2 of this with some fluff. Ill detail how I met Shannon and all that.


Shannon: do you have specific questions or is it more a conversation?
MrMary-ly: A mixture of both actually Sort of like a bigger blacker version of The Actors Studio on metamphetamines. The starter question is always what does the phrase celebrating women
Shannon: Cool, I’m down with that … Ok, so you’re James Lipton and I am some actress.
MrMary-ly: Dwayne Lipton from Thomas Jefferson Projects who came up and now wears suits instead of loincloths

Question 1

Starter question: What does the phrase “celebrating women” mean to you what images or thoughts does that evoque in your head/mind/above the neck region ?

Shannon: It kind of makes me angry. I wish we didn’t have to celebrate women. I wish there weren’t designated days or months where we get to say “Hey, woman are all right, you know?”
MrMary-ly: I have often been of the mindset that we make days to celebrates things we would rather keep in the margin of our myopic vision … hence black history month in the US
Shannon: I mean that in the sense that I think we have designated days of the year to celebrate minorities because every other day of the year is a celebration of the majority. Whoever has the power.

Question 2

MrMary-ly: Well said.

I’m always curious to hear from women what their take is on women’s rights and the whole liberation movement

Shannon: So, part of me thinks “Awesome, it’s my day/month” like on National Aboriginal Day here in Canada, but then I get very cynical and bitter and think “You fuckers think you can just ‘give’ me this one day?”
MrMary-ly: [National Aboriginal Day]It’s like an example of a cultural language of doublespeak
Shannon: I want women to have all the rights until they’re not called “women’s rights” anymore, and are just called “Rights”…. But rights are never given. They’re demanded.
MrMary-ly: so do you feel women as a whole probably in the West at least are closer than they were in the 60’s especially since I don’t smell any bras burning anymore.
Shannon: Oh definitely. At least, in developed nations, yes. Honestly, as a D-cup, I’d never burn my bra. I need my bra. I love my bra.
MrMary-ly: Yeah it would be hard to play musical instruments without a bra. As someone without a vagina, ive found looking at this whole woman’s liberation movement interesting
Shannon: I remember my mom, who is 60 years old and used to work in the railroad industry, once explaining to me how every day she dealt with sexual harassment at her work and put complaints in. She said, “The treatment you get today is because of the shit me and my generation put up with and because we didn’t back down.”

Question 3

What challenges are your generation facing   that will in a way pave the road for future women in the workplace or elsewhere

Shannon: Still being aware. I think people honestly think sexism is a thing of the past, like racism. Maybe it’s not as overt as it once was
MrMary-ly: I can definitely relate to that, I think over time blinkered thinking really become covert and a bit surreptitious
Shannon: But I think it’s made us docile and our guard is down.
MrMary-ly: yeah definitely
Shannon: There’s always a new generation coming and I want to say to them “Remember what your rights are because the moment you take them for granted is the moment they’ll try to take them away from you”

Question 4

MrMary-ly: I have always felt that there is a time that comes and it maybe now that   after all the sacrifices made one has to see where one fits in, par exemple  Blacks enjoy a lot more rights in the US
but for me it’s still unclear what is my place in this society
MrMary-ly: I quote Baudrillard where he says: It is always the same: once you are liberated, you are forced to ask who you are. I wonder if you feel it is the same for women at this moment in time.
Shannon: I think, before I can even ask “who am I?”, I have to ask “Am I liberated”. That’s a scary question because I don’t think I am fully. I feel free. But then someone asks me if I can cover the secretaries desk and they never ask a man and I realize “Nope, I’m not liberated”
MrMary-ly: It reminds me of Plato’s allegory of the cave in a way in that the realization of being bound
or being constricted is not fully in an experiential way experienced  and that colors the reality of things
Shannon: I think I’ll know women are liberated when they stop advertising for women to get into the science field or engineers. It’s not that I want them to stop now. They need to go out there and recruit. They need to remind women “You can do this too!” but I’ll know we’re equal once they stop having to say that because we all know it.

Question 5

MrMary-ly: I figured I can ask you about your blog
Shannon: Sure
MrMary-ly:  You have an interesting sense of humor.  You are almost as salacious as I am
Shannon: By “interesting” you mean “crude”? haha
MrMary-ly:  ah I am a gentleman , at least when I’m clothed  so I would never say that
Shannon: Haha salacious is a much sexier sounding word then crude.
MrMary-ly:  Im well polished in my gentlemanly-ness  But I feel you’re not just crude  you still say something poignant   which is why I like your blog   any sailor or woman from Texas can be crude
or act the part of a reprobate  but to still say something is impressive to me
Shannon: I’ve wondered if adding “fuck” into my argument has ever detracted from the point I am trying to make and, perhaps to some, it has. I know I had an English teacher once point that out. I’d never swear in my papers, but she heard me once in a casual conversation with a friend. She stopped me the next day and said “Why do you swear so much when you’re so well versed with other words?”
MrMary-ly: I feel culturally we really cannot stand much of reality as TS Eliot says and that manifesting in our not giving much appreciation to the crude  or the realities that exist outside the neat little image we paint for ourselves as what life should be
Shannon: It’s the myth that only uneducated people swear. Only uncouth people are uncouth.
Shannon: I mean, technically, I’m uneducated (high school drop out representin’)
MrMary-ly: everyone swears, everyone fucks, except medical school students  and hardcore science majors  education is over rated
Shannon: Well, some people “make love” but i’m not friends with any of those people.
MrMary-ly: yeah making love  is a riddle can’t make soemthing that just magically happens  making  love is a euphemism for  placid and uninteresting masturbation   Love happens and is passionate and wild and painful  if I could make it I would make it go away sometimes
Shannon: Good point
MrMary-ly: Love has driven me to drink, acts of public nudity and host of dumb shit lol  but thats beside the point.  Education castrates the mind and the organs of generation.  Frank zappa said if u wanna get laid go to college , if  u want an education go to the library or something like that
Shannon: Hahaha I love that. Luckily, College usually has a library, so you can do both
MrMary-ly: most college libraries are pathetic but u can still ‘milk’ something out of them

Stay Tuned for part 2

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