Satire || This Super Tuesday Second Eastern European Village Enters Race to Provide Trump with new Wife

As the Super Tuesday Sun starts its descent over the horizon, people worldwide are wondering if America will complete the metamorphosis it started when the election of Barack Obama to the seat of President catalyzed an outpouring of racist, xenophobic, and ultra-conservative sentiment. After a contentious seven-year dormancy rife with ever increasing anti-immigration stances, racial tension, political deadlocks, and Caucasians feeling persecuting by protests against police brutality and other villainous social ills the surging popularity of Donald Trump paints a bleak future for the Globe.

A Donald Trump presidency in 2017 would signify the complete transformation into the openly tyrannical plutocratic cabal butterfly that America has struggled against becoming the last century outside of a few places in Latina America during the Banana Wars and the Cold War Years. For certain, many around the world are praying that the Time Travelers of the future, living in a world not completely devoid of hope, find the courage to return to our ‘time’ and end Trump’s presidency before it starts. (This assumes that in the event of a Trump Presidency, he is more dangerous to the future than Hitler, not too much of a stretch.) With that being said, a few European villages have taken a different approach.

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Satire || That Bitch Priya … Part 1

Astor Place, NYC. – She instructed me to call her Jaya when we first met on the campus of my Alma Mater two years prior. (Her full name would take up too much space on this short post.) The Starbucks at Astor Place where we rendezvoused is quiet for a Friday afternoon, especially since none of Jaya’s male cousins or younger brothers are crowding around our conversation like flies around the impoverished. to explain, she agreed to answer my questions provided I guarantee a venue where Jaya’s family members and friends wouldn’t recognize us talking in public. A little-known rule of Indian Culture stipulates that being witnessed in public with an African American male devalues a woman’s Marrying Market Value Potential (MMVP). Consequently, Jaya’s family would only be able to marry her off to men a Caste or two below her families historic standing.

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