Bill O’Reilly: ‘There’s gotta be some downside to having a woman president’

I recently posted about double standards for women in US Politics. I thought this would be a fitting follow-up

“There’s gotta be some downside to having a woman president, right? Something. Something that may not ‘fit’ with that office. Correct?”

“There haven’t been that many strong women leaders throughout history. […] But you know, when you’re President of the United States, you have to deal with people like Putin, you have got to deal real ornery mullahs in Iran—look, the mullahs in Iran, they think women are like subspecies.”


The Top 5 Cultural Sodomites of 2013 – A WEEK OF LISTS

santa-monica-halloween-parade-2011-the-shocker-costumeIn the remote past as depicted in the Old Testament it seemed that anal-sex, as can be expected, was frowned upon centuries before the invention of sexual lubricants and other sexual aids like high-school angst, chatroulette, and the Shocker. Actually the closest thing to the Shocker in the Old Testament was getting hit by a thunderbolts for jerking off and finding new ways of using goat cheese (something about the sourness and consistency) to plunder human orifices, in a cornucopious feast for all senses. That’s actually why we have flavored condoms and lube today But that’s besides the point. The citizens of Sodom and Gmorrah were so evil, they proved to be such a threat to the continued existence of the human race they were  wiped out, consumed by fire and brimstone. We have such people lurking around today – people who are a threat to the our continued existence who would be by today’s standard the battery acid being dropped in the gene pool. Here are 2013’s top 5 Cultural Sodomites:

# 5 – The Vagina


In 2013 we learned from esteemed researcher Michael Douglas that “eating out” a woman can give you throat cancer. Cancer is a big deal, if sucking a dick could give one cancer I do not know many popular movie and TV stars would be employed. Also who can forget the Brazilian woman who laced vagina with poison to kill  her husband when she could get him to agree to a divorce.Medical tests revealed she had doused her vagina with enough of the unspecified toxin to kill both her husband and herself.

# 4 – The Rich


They claim over and over again that class warfare doesn’t exist,that economic inequality is linked to IQ or just overall human depravity. They made “affluenza” popular again.

A social condition arising from the desire to be more wealthy, successful or to “keep up with the Joneses”. Affluenza is symptomatic of a culture that holds up financial success as one of the highest achievements. People said to be affected by affluenza typically find that the very economic success they have been so vigorously chasing ends up leaving them feeling unfulfilled, and wishing for yet more wealth. 

Attorneys for Texas teen Ethan Couch claimed that his “affluenza” meant he was blameless for driving drunk and causing a crash that left four people dead. By the way what he meant was that  his condition stemmed from having wealthy, privileged parents who never set limits for him. They are against the raising of taxes, and their money can influence election and policy in way average citizens in a democracy cannot. Psychologist and social scientist Dacher Keltner says the rich really are different, and not in a good way: Their life experience makes them less empathetic, less altruistic, and generally more selfish. he says, the philosophical battle over economics, taxes, debt ceilings and defaults that are now roiling the stock market is partly rooted in an upper class “ideology of self-interest.”

# 3 The State of Florida


There was a guy arrested for having sex with a Neighbor’s dog the other day. There was the Trayvon Martin Case, the Sexxton – a mother and daughter real life porn duo, a dog that shot it’s owner, Gregory Bruni  the naked defecating public masturbator, guys neglecting their kids to go to strip clubs, Republican congressman arrested for buying cocaine from an undercover cop, a woman celebrated her anniversary by trying to run over her husband, a man refuses to cuddle gets threatened by a knife by his gf, a flasher decided that the excuse of airing his penis out would make everything cool, a man killed his roommate with a drug laced milkshake,Giovanna Borge was arrested for shooting her Bf with a water gun with water in it, some lady used cement and Fix a Flat to give back alley ass implants, a girl  stabbed her bf in the eye when he refused sex, a man tried to pay water bill with cocaine, a 50 year old man tried to exorcise his 80 year old gf, a prostitute cut a man a day after sex because she didnt like how he treated her (slapped her and pulled her hair during sex. When he was “finished,” he threw $100 at her and left), a man assaults neighbor for feeding squirrels, A Lauderhill, Fla. cop allegedly not only groped two female DUI suspects, but also asked one to punch him in the “nuts” because it “turned him on.”, man stabs daughter with souvenir sword from medieval times, homeless woman panhandles for breast implants, man attacks room-mate with machete over changing radio station. lady tosses her baby at a cop to avoid being arrested…. and there is more I just can’t write anymore

#2 Republicans

download (11)Leading the charge to gut the Civil Rights bill since its inception they finally succeeded in 2013. They also did made a lot of gains in voter suppression. They unleashed a hatred for women that I haven’t seen since the inquisition. They were behind the government shut-down, defunding programs that actually help people. They vehemently opposed gay marriage. They were clearly the face and tools of this country plutocratic draconian over reach.

#1 Treatment of Whistle-blowers by the Media and US Government


To me and Steven Seagal in on deadly Grounds, Whistleblowers are hero because they let the public aware of many threats to their personal safety, their human rights, and freedoms. Whistleblowers this year shined a light on large scale corruption and violation of human rights by the US Government and now they will never see the light again. Bradley Manning is in jail and Edward Snowden has found asylum in Russia where the sun never shines and being gay is a crime.


Jocular Look @ Today’s News || Lady gropes self, others, licks people, hits on female cop, police say

1B5E802290DB94736AA3F61B9759AE_h231_w308_m5_cOoeisHMPThere’s drunk, there’s really drunk and then there’s Jana Annette Lawrence. According to police, the 46-year-old got herself kicked out of two — TWO! — Georgia bars on Saturday night, after mourning (or celebrating?) the Georgia BulldogsSEC Championship loss by “rubbing her genital area,” flashing her boobs to the bar and licking at least two strangers, tongue bathing one woman’s face and a man’s tattoo. At the second bar, when the management told her to pull her pants up, she did exactly the opposite. And, as a final cherry on this hot mess sundae, when Lawrence was being booked into jail she asked the female officer if she “had or wanted a girlfriend.” That’s quite the evening. [Source]

MrMary Weighs In

The best comment I read about this so far:

Boy! I hardly recognized Lindsey Lohan without her make up!



I always thought it was a myth that when women get drunk that the line between right and wrong suddenly becomes obscure and it’s ok to ask for sexually non conservative kind of things. I guess it’s not a myth afterall.  I am not one to talk I got really drunk and peed on City Hall, yes I literally peed on NYC’s own City Hall, actually I wasn’t drunk, just a bit silly. I got drunk and flashed people chased pizza delivery boys, trying to steal their pizzas, started a fight with a Mormon Couple. I proposed to a  lady with a coconut ring, ah to be young and bit off !!! Yes Daddy used to get a little wild and out of hand back in the day.

But all that was done not in a single night but over years, across the country, in different cities. I never licked anyone who didnt solicit me in some way to do so or tried to flirt with a cop. Flirting with a  cop for me is having  death Wish.


The Police scar the shit out of me literally.

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — With 13 Cleveland police officers firing 137 rounds and killing two people following a chase Thursday night, city leaders are seeking answers and could ask for a civil rights investigation.Investigators reported through the day Friday that they believed there were two men inside the car, a possible misinterpretation because of how badly the bodies were damaged from all the rounds fired.


It’s long been a stereotype that women can’t hold their booze, but some years ago scientists actually proved it. Women get drunk faster than men, even a woman who weighs the same as a man. scientists from New York and Italy published a study showing that women have a lot less of a stomach enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase. The enzyme is created in the stomach lining, and in men it breaks down alcohol before it can even get into the intestine. In women, however, there’s far less activity, meaning they absorb 30 percent more alcohol into their bodies than men.

So you can expect to see more of this behaviour. I believe alcohol may be behind a lot of the crazy behaviour we have seen lately from women: biting off nuts, and beating up significant others who finish to fast in bed. Good luck !!!!



MrMary’s & Stendhal’s Cures for Love: The Marriage contract

In France men who have lost their wives are sad while widows,
on the contrary are gay and happy.
Women have a proverb felicity of widowhood.
There is therefore no equality in the contract of marriage


AS I am sure many of you know or have intuited I am not big on public celebration or events. I have always been a stoic kind of character. To this day one thing I never understood well was marriage. My word is my bond which means if I tell someone I love then and  will be there, I will be doing my utmost to honour that promise. I don’t need a paper or a justice of the peace, or a priest or rabbi etc. Marriage is a social institution, like the universities or banks. There are rules said as well as unsaid. There are cultural differences on how marriage is viewed. There are many reasons why couples may seek to marry financial, libidinous, religious etc

An institution is any structure or mechanism of social order and cooperation governing the behavior of a set of individuals within a given community — may it be human or a specific animal one. Institutions are identified with a social purpose, transcending individuals and intentions by mediating the rules that govern cooperative living behavior.

Social institutions can have and are actually prone to having strong biases. In the workplace in the US men and women do not make the same salary when they have the same job. This is clearly an entrench bias in the social institution of labour. [I consider working or labour to be an institution since there are workers rights, and legal bodies that exist to make sure these rights are  respected]

So my question then is there a bias in the social-political institution of marriage?  (If you do not believe marriage is a political institution look at the GOP rhetoric about single women just caring about getting laid and not thinking twice about the economy or the future because they don’t have kids. I do not have the data but it be nice to see how much money the campaigns spend to appeal to married women).

I am an unmarried male and would like to know what my readers who are both married and single  think?

“50% of all marriages in America end in divorce

The stats are scary:

The divorce rate in America for first marriage, vs second or third marriage

50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce, according to Jennifer Baker of the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology in Springfield, Missouri.

According to enrichment journal on the divorce rate in America:

  • The divorce rate in America for first marriage is 41%
  • The divorce rate in America for second marriage is 60%
  • The divorce rate in America for third marriage is 73%

I felt that a mention of divorce would be pertinent to this part of the discussion. I often times ask myself how healthy is this social institution, how in tune it is with the times and the multitudinous ideologies and mindsets there are today?  It’s been such an uphill struggle for gay marriage in this country. While we may not be willing to be tolerant of sexual and gender based differences at least we are not spending so much time energy and money to deny their existence. I don’t think the institution of marriage is reflective of this attitude.

Please for the sake of clarity understand that I am curious about marriage like a social institution and how it is use a tool for the administration social and political power on a personal as well as a national level. I am not disparaging getting married at all. I don’t see myself as a career bachelor – there comes a time in every oil company and man’s life where one gets tired of laying mile after mile of pipe and one would like just to stay in one area to drill and pump till the well goes dry, and retire you know ?

Divorce brings up for me as it did for Stendhal many interesting criticisms of the marriage contract.  For example:

Some men’s rights writers say that marriage is unfavourable to men, particularly the financial consequences of divorce. Father’s rights advocates claim that there is a continuing societal bias favoring women as custodial parents in the face of “no-fault” divorce laws and is unjust to men when marriages fail. Some claim that this leads to men avoiding marriage, calling it a “marriage strike”. Some groups, such as the Independent Women’s Forum, accept this criticism, but argue that they should not be leveled against marriage itself, but dealt with independently

Id be interested in some thoughts and opinions before I continue onto part two where I take the gloves off .

Thanks for reading this



My Live tweeting of my Voting Experience 2012 thus Far

The Beginning

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I don’t like this song but right after the black eye peas made this video in japan an earthquake happened. I think this election will shake America up in such a way that mediocrity will continue to be the goal we collectively aspire #NonsequitorLogic

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‏@MrMaryMuthafing I felt something in the pit of my stomache, its the ghost of all those who died so I could vote cheering me on today

@MrMaryMuthafing Actuallly it wasnt Ghosts. All historic days begin on the crapper loosing my #poliginity will have to wait

@MrMaryMuthafing Walking the dogs its not historic but can go vote with a houee full of shit losing my #poliginity

@MrMaryMuthafing Im so gonna work the polls today and then Ill go vote #poliginity

@MrMaryMuthafing I said Romney 3 times in the mirror & the ghosts of republicans pasts hid all my condoms. Im gonna have to vote raw now without protection

@MrMaryMuthafing Are there multiple choices options next to Romneys name ? Will the real a Mitt Romney please stand up #Bademinemreferencemonths late

@MrMaryMuthafing  Oh yea a brief therapy visit, lil bit work then back home 2 vote Cant believe my therapist scheduled for today she must be part of Al Qeada

@MrMaryMuthafing No matter the election results can we all pitch in to get Mitt some new in style jeans

@MrMaryMuthafing I feel so cold Mitt Romneys evil presence is hovering above me

 ‏@MrMaryMuthafing I’m voting for: My selfish concerns 2012

@MrMaryMuthafing All the momunentuousness has made me a bit farty today either that or the left over cole slaw I had at 3am
‏@MrMaryMuthafing Proud 2B American 2day 2 people joined me singing Im every women 100 years ago a negro, a women & her gay friend couldnt sing whitney songs
‏@MrMaryMuthafing Love seeing americans come together esp when no one or their chair is getting lynched #poliginity
‏@MrMaryMuthafing Ok my therapist days I’m sane enough to vote there’s no thinking involved just matching skin tones like I’m at home depot #GoBrown

@MrMaryMuthafing When do all the hot girls vote ? Right now its only grandmas I see They need loving too but i dont want nice cards with singles afterwards.