In light of recent events, I wont be shutting this Blog down

A few months ago, I was close to done writing on ASpoonfulOfSuga. Since that time Donald J Trump has become President-Elect hate crimes are up 115% in my beloved NYC, and if current estimates are any indication there have been approximately 900 hate crimes committed since President Elect Trump won  the electoral college vote.

hate-crimes-election-evening-news-2016-11-19If overt racism and xenophobia where a train, then this historic subway line has been given new revamped above ground routes. The cherry on top of this cake has been the denial of the existence of facts which may in my estimation have launched an era where both facts and truth are forced to take a back seat to the oftentimes baseless, misconstrued and/or surreptitious narrative that they are conscripted to help promulgate.

This sadly is and has been my America, just turned up a bit. I had created a new blog, and a medium account to write more seriously about the current times and I plan on continuing to do so, but I will write here as well. I would love to hear from you all about how you’ve been and what did you think about the election and its aftermath


Social Media. Tyranny. And the Genius of the Crowd

‘Tyranny is the deliberate removal of nuance’
Albert Maysles


Second on a short list of phrases that have coerced me into a lazy belief in Divinity has been the ‘genius of the crowd’. While crowds have always been dangerous, they still cannot compete with the finality of police brutality, reigning supreme atop my list forth the thirty-fourth year in a row. Moving forward, imagine throngs of faceless incurious armchair activists prepared to rush forward to unmitigated conclusions without pause for reflection or a deconstruction of context, in order to be offended on behalf of others. The untrained eye might confuse this as a vehement advocacy or an aggressive social justice. Yet nevertheless, virulent condemnation without regards to either nuance or context has always amounted to tyranny.

Those best at intolerance not only preach tolerance, but they implore others to assume it as a cause. Is there a difference between a sanctimonious online mob viscerally reacting (quite aggressively) to whatever brings them out of the safety of their comfort zone and activists using the internet as a means for message advocating certain social reform?

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