MrMary On Blogging: What Would You Do if Your Blog Got Famous ?

What would I do if this blog got famous?

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MrMary is prepared for everything. You can rest assured that if my blog got famous I would delete it or  stop writing on it. It’s been a while since I looked at my daily views. You see I write for specific reasons.

I feel that the human voice collectively as well as individually is gradually being silenced. That individual spark that makes us who we are is being replaced by societal political and economic ideologies that we are forced to  espouse in order to live the shattered lives we all lead . Blogging is a means to an end; it allows me to communicate and interact despite the heavy clouds of disillusionment and cynicism. It is a redemptive act because the want to connect with others is sincere. I would sincerely like to connect to people. Fame changes all of that.

The more people are attracted to you the more superficial  their connection to you is  I feel. Then there is this possessiveness and pressure to produce ceaseless because some want to be entertained. Of course the more and more you accede to these demands the more you lose that connection with the inspirations that started you blogging in the first place. The want to connect  sincerely and fame do not follow all the time

You Would Leave Us ?

Not completely, my email will always be but the real question  or maybe a more involve question is what’s more important to you the reader the writing and stuff that come out of me or  the person behind it. I think I have done a good job of blurring the lines here between MrMary and I.

It has been said that to walk through a garden is to walk through the mind of the Gardener. For the few of you who regularly read this blog, you have walked through my mind, its something raucous humor, it’s absurd  recapitulations of the days events, the sometimes poetic propensities, and some other crazy stuff. I have offended some of you, I have made you laugh, I have opened topic for discussion, and shared with you some of my more human moments. I am more than satisfied with what I have been doing here on ASpoonfulofSuga. I have 2 other blogs and I havent shown them any love. I am drawn to write here so here I continue to do so but every things has its heyday  and then fades. Before I left though I would do leave in an over the top fashion.


There is a song in French I remember hearing a lot as a young lad. It told a story of the locksmiths daughter who was a bit strange, she use to hide in a charrette, like a cart if I remember correctly, staring far out into no-where , which used to unsettle the other kids. To add to the strangeness she used to speak aloud – she was in her own little word which made her doll-like voice all the more strange.

One day the other kids in the neighbourhood decided to hide nearby so that they could hear what she was was saying without being detected. and she said some very simple things: ‘Give me some bread to eat tomorrow, Give me eyes to see the blue sky, give me your hand.” It is of course more poignant in French.  Sometimes I feel that these blog post are like that, in the sense that there are moments of levity in my day, brief moment of respite where I am drawn to sit in front of the computer and write. Usually I have no plan, after I write I don’t edit and leave things raw. Actually quite often I come back to these post and read them and they make me laugh and shake my head. I am  writing as much as possible for sincerity and to share the my vision of things as it comes into focus.

I don’t know how compatible that is with fame ?

I would use those 5 minutes of fame before I disappeared to promote other people’s blog and some hum,humanitarian causes I’m passionate about. I had great “conversation” this weekend with some other bloggers, and ran into some new faces. Check these bloggers out:  I have rarely read a blog as touching and raw – Honest sincere thoughts and comments, I would invite her to starbucks for coffee or some pumpkin spiced over priced bullshit and just talk. She plays PS3 too, which means that she really fucking cool. I might have  to test her skills in MK9 – Daan is a real person, meaning he isn’t full of shit, he is about something When I make it to the Netherlands we are gonna shoot the shit and drink some beer Heineken first then maybe onto a Dutch Witbier ( thats not a sexual move you do with a Dutch girl named Tess or Lotte, it’s a type of beer)


What about You, What would you do if your blog got famous