America Today: Islamophobia, Anti-Immigrant Sentiment and an Archaic System || Feb 13, 2017

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In hearing a lot of complaints about president-elect Trump’s Islamophobia, it’s been surprising to learn how uneducated the average person is about the history of Islamophobia in America. The current blinkered attitude towards Muslims worldwide is not a product of happenstance. To quote a former American President:

fdr-december-24-1943In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.
~Franklin D. Roosevelt

While that contextually sounds a bit surreptitious, if for a moment we would turn our heads (albeit briefly) away from the headlines, news columns and their oft jingoistic rhetoric and finally also the self-serving punditry coming from various news outlets, we might find that a certain level of planning and coordinated execution has gone into every major shift in thought, policy, legislation and ideology. Consequently, the policies of the Trump Administration, in particular, their Islamophobic bent, as unbelievable as they may at times…

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In light of recent events, I wont be shutting this Blog down

A few months ago, I was close to done writing on ASpoonfulOfSuga. Since that time Donald J Trump has become President-Elect hate crimes are up 115% in my beloved NYC, and if current estimates are any indication there have been approximately 900 hate crimes committed since President Elect Trump won  the electoral college vote. If overt racism … Continue reading In light of recent events, I wont be shutting this Blog down