Your Top 20 Favorite Posts

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The following are my top 20 posts as decided by you the viewer. No, you were not secretly polled, rather your views have determined that those are the top posts on this site. What I find strange is  that the majority of these posts are about 2 years old. I feel like some old ha- been band, I can see the hipsters wit their ironic sense of dress and existence say: “I was into MrMary back in the day, I loved his old stuff. Now I don’t know what he is doing.” Either way enjoy these links. Maybe if you like I will put a short description for each. I am undecided  at the moment

  1. When Irony strikes Hypocrisy Emerges: Real people, real heroes, and our illiterate children
  2. Kim Kardashian, Prurient Ingurgitation and the New Face of Social Mobility
  3. This June First I improved National Donut Day
  4. Best Wishes & Good Luck to everyone in the Blogger Idol 2012
  5. What I drank Wednesday Night (1): Guinness Draught The Not as Good Looking Younger Sister
  6. The Showcase Show Down
  7. Corona Induced thoughts
  8. Sartre’s No Exit, The King Pig & a whole slew of things You don’t want to read but will because I’m Dead Sexy
  9. Why WordPress’s Freshly Pressed Is a Sham – Exposing the dreamworld we believe to be real.
  10. Getting Techniqued, Jean Baudrillard and Strip Clubs
  11. Immigrants hating Immigrants and a Cool way to Keep Prisons Filled
  12. Women, Sexual Tourism, Jamaica, RentaRasta and My Video Responce
  13. What I Drank Saturday: La Fin Du Monde Tripel Style Beer aka My 1st Canadian Erection
  14. MrMary 
  15. Does Anyone see a correlation ? – Gun-Related Deaths
  16. Talking Non-sense and crapping on the Olympics
  17. About
  18. May 6 – 12 is National Clitoris Awareness Week – How Will You Celebrate ?
  19.  Dear Me: A Sarcastic Letter to my 16 year old Self – see if you can pick out autobiographical moments
  20. Why so serious MrMary ?

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