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My Fellow Bloggers, We are part of the Problem (1)

This post was inspired by a conversation with the lovely author of

In biology it’s called a signal transduction cascade. One molecule attaches to a receptor. The receptor undergoes some change triggering a large response inside the cell Whole pathways of genes can be turned on or off. I don’t want to go into G proteins and Ca2+ ion influx and the ramification on kinases or phosphatases. What I want to stress is that it all starts out with one small molecule, one signal which gets amplified.

During the course of the day many significant events happen around the world. Depending on a few criteria certain stories are chosen. I talked about this briefly in my post from a week and change ago: What Looking for an Angles means for Social Discussion. To recap, I brought up the “propaganda model”. The propaganda model views the private media as businesses interested in the sale of a product (readers and audiences) to other businesses (advertisers) rather than that of quality news to the public.


The size and profit-seeking imperative of dominant media corporations create a bias. Since media outlets are large corporations or part of conglomerates the information presented to the public will be biased with respect to these interests. 

Funding generated through advertising. There is fierce competition throughout the media to attract advertisers; a newspaper which gets less advertising than its competitors is at a serious disadvantage. The news is “filler” to get privileged readers to see the advertisements. Stories that conflict with their “buying mood”, along with information that presents a picture of the world that collides with advertisers’ interests are not given much attention. 

The mass media are drawn into a symbiotic relationship with powerful sources of information by economic necessity and reciprocity of interest. Business corporations and trade organizations are also trusted sources of stories considered newsworthy. Editors and journalists who offend these powerful news sources, perhaps by questioning the veracity or bias of the furnished material, can be threatened with the denial of access to their media life-blood – fresh news.



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Bloggers have an interesting role to play in the transduction of information. Sometimes we are, whether consciously or unconsciously part of the problem. By the way, when I talk of blogger I include myself as well. The media turns our attention towards a certain depiction of the truth. We (bloggers) go on to talk about it quite often in a reactionary way. We can polarize a lot of public reactions. We are an important stop in the signal transduction cascade. I feel the picture to the left summarizes a lot of what I mean to say.

I would like to give you an example from my observations and you can tell me what you think.

Example 1: Objectification

Objectification is big in the news. There are so many articles printed on sexual objectification. One common feature they each share is that while they may acknowledge the complexity of the issue they cannot and do not delve into the social, political, biological and economic realities involved in such a large issue. Furthermore, it’s never mentions that sexual objectification is just one of many forms of objectification. No one mentions how we objectify the innocent victims of drone strikes, or the prisoners that make the large prisoner industrial complex run, or minorities, or people of certain classes, etc. We are only “allowed” to talk about sexual objectification, and when we do so we have to talk about it in such a way as to not account for the diversity of people culture and other factors. In effect, our collective cultural cherry-picking is never mentioned.

Let’s Continue this conversation

I thought that now that I have introduced the outlines of my thinking. I can come back and further elaborate and give you more examples and the fruits of my musings. Meanwhile please leave your thoughts and comments.


As Promised, Here’s my New Blog Dedicated to Writing and Literature

Salut Mes Amis,

I didn’t expect to get a job offer this week. Interviewing and paper signing derailed my plans for this site.  I have a ton of stuff in Drafts and over the weekend I should be where I want to be. Take a look tell me what you think of things so far. I will keep you posted as I am running around a lot at the moment.



Moving with the Mystery


Need to Do Something New on the Blog – open for suggestions

 Thinking Historically658480923_13840980512

Concerning history, James Joyce said it was a nightmare from which he is trying to awaken. I would like my own insight. History is not this static documentation of the passage of time which we relegate to books and academic discussions. We are in a constant struggle to detach ourselves from the nightmare.

History is a dynamic site that bears witness to the coming together of past and present, in much the same way the beach is a dynamic coming together of ocean land. One is fixed and unchanging, to an extent and the other is fluid,shapeless  really.

While the line between past and present is as shifting as one drawn into the beach’s sand, there are certain narrative, which seem to dominate this coming together of past and present.

Since the Middle Ages the narrative of capitalism has grew both in influence and puissance to now dominate this moment of our history. What this means is that so many social issues will have as one of their root causes issues over the distribution of wealthy, class warfare, xenphobia and racism used to fuel and support economic privileges etc.

The Problem with Reading A lot of News

This blog exists to comment satirically on present occurrences in such a way as to counteract the heavy-handed bowdlerization of reality we are force fed on a daily basis. In order to do this, I read a lot of news and revisit many painful moments of our history to try and find meaning. The problem is that I see the same thing repeating over and over again. What I see ad nauseum boils down to this:

We do not want to recognize the complexity of causes behind many of our social ills. Therefore “people” harp strongly on one singular cause at the expense of all the other causes. There is the general assumption that the louder we harp the more righteous we are in our position.

We do not want to ask the basic questions because of our own complicity in the state of the world. Has anyone every seriously asked to have someone seriously answer why do people turn to extremism ? It’s easy to say that extremist of any type are crazy but that’s not the whole story.

We value comfort over everything. For the comfort of a few the lives of millions will be affected adversely and that is ok.

I see the same thing play out almost every new topic: sensationalism, fabricated and actually outrage working side by side, a reluctance to engage in dialogue and serious analysis. Long story short I’ve grown tired of a writing a lot of the type of stuff I do. I’m really sick of it. I have put out there 1473 posts and I have 179 drafts. I want to continue writing and engaging with the few of you I do but I need something new. If you care to please leave some suggestions below


A Challenge to the Poetry Writers of WordPress !!!

It’s not really a challenge-challenge. I just needed you to click this post.

The following is an exercise use by Theodore Roethke and his student and also celebrated poet in his own right, Richard Hugo. I wanted to see if any of wordpress’ own poets wanted to do this exercise with me.  I’ve taken it from Richard Hugo’s The Triggering Town: Stray Thoughts on Roethke and Teaching. If you wanna do it lemme know reblog it share it and we will take it from there




Poetryu exercise

Use Five nouns, verbs, and adjectives from the above list and write a poem as follows:

  1. Four Beats to a line
  2. Six lines to a stanza
  3. Three Stanzas
  4. At least two internal and one external slant rhyme per stanza (full rhymes acceptable but not encouraged)
  5. Maximum of two end stops per stanza
  6. Clear English grammatical sentences (no tricks). All sentences must make sense
  7. The Poem must be meaningless

Too many beginners have the idea that they know what they have to say—now if they can just find the words. Here, you give them the words, some of them anyway, and some technical problems to solve. Many of them will write their best poem of the term. It works, and I’ve seen it work again and again. While the student is concentrating on the problems of the exercise, the real problems go away for a moment simply because they are ignored, and with the real problems gone the poet is free to say what he never expected and always wanted to say. Euphonics and slant rhymes are built into the vocabulary of course, and as for item 7, it simply takes the exercise one step further into the world of the imagination. Without it, the exercise is saying: give up what you think you have to say, and you’ll find something better. With item 7, it says: say nothing and just make music and you’ll find plenty to say. Item 7 is an impossibility of course, but when the student finds out it is, one hopes he will have increased faith in sound and the accidents of the imagination.

Some traditionalists seem to think that forms exist to be solved for their own sake, as if the poet is an engineer. That’s just foolish. If a poet finds himself solving the problems of a form simply for the sake of challenge, he has the wrong form. After you’ve written for a long time, to do it in the forms at all is a little like cheating because you are getting help. But the forms can be important, and when Roethke felt himself going dry he always returned to them. For some students, the exercise will not work because the form is not theirs. They need another or, in some cases, none. Though I can’t defend it, I believe that when the poem is coming on with imaginative honesty, there is some correspondence of the form to psychic rhythms in the poet.

A MGTOW Survey & Some Thoughts

imageMGTOW is basically the statement of self-ownership and saying that only you have the right to decide what your goals in life should be. It is saying that, as a man I will not surrender my will to the social expectations of women and society, because both have become hostile against masculinity.

  • Male 1: Dude, why don’t you have a girl friend?
  • Male 2: Its not for me bro, I’m a MGTOW.

TarnsZilla WordPress’s Multi-Cultural icon has this cool survey she is conducting for a post she is writing about the differences between what the media currently presents MGTOW as VS what it actually is.
Check it out: MGTOW Survey
Some Thoughts
I have as much faith in our social institutions as Native Americans have in the US Government. Almost everything I’ve been told has been a complete lie aside, from jersey girls being easy. I feel that anyone aware of History and human behavior will go their own way in life and life with a self-prescribed sense of dignity. Maybe a few of us will dance all the way to the gallows like Sufi Saint and martyr Mansur al Hallaj.
I’ve always liked the idea of going your own way, since I heard that Fleetwood Mac song in the early 80’s.
Until that lynch mob comes for me, my relationship to society is one of mutual benefit. Our society discusses family values while killing innocents with drones. Since it’s inception America has been a oligarchy/plutocracy masquerading as a democracy toppling democratically elected governments around the world top advance our agenda. What more indication would you to consider that maybe what we have come to believe is honest, just and fair is in fact a narrative we have been forced to buy. That narrative covers of course marriage, gender relationships.
With that said I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this and reading what TarnsZilla will write