StoryTime: An Astringent Brew

[ A friend of mine died recently and I lost for a time the ability or want to write anything. I thought I’d share some ‘stuff’ that I write. This is still a draft]

Perhaps it’s because the Thursday crowd drinks to celebrate their imminent release, whereas the Friday crowd does so to mitigate the intensity of their newfound freedom; that I can’t recall when the Thursday bar scene was less spirited than Friday’s. It’s amusing to think that for this bar, at least, these two distinct groups are comprised of the same persons.

It would be easier for you to see this if you were as I am, standing in the corner nearest the entrance, hovering over my date who continues to insist we take turns sitting. But there’s no better vantage point to peer into the narrow space separating the person from the crowd and the individual from the person. And favorable perch aside, my stubbornness and, more importantly, misguided sense of chivalry doesn’t allow for a man to sit while his lady stands.

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Satire || Three Beautiful Stories That Prove There’s More to Life than Having Erections (NSFW)

Warning: This article contains sorta nude images and may be inappropriate for work.

In what is clearly a case of art imitating the reality of imitation, local Chicago area artist ‘RiverCat, Inc’ has created what some are calling a counterculture masterwork of criticism. The main rumor going around the gallery is that social media was the central inspiration for this installation. About three hours after boarding a direct flight from JFK to Chicago O’Hare, I find myself seated across from a demure ‘Rivercat, Inc.’ in a plain-looking coffee shop.

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