Me Gender Fluid ? No I’m rather Gender Stagnant

Gender stagnation is a term which refers to an unchanging gender identity. A vital component of a gender stagnant person’s ideology is that, while willing to happily support individuals from all walks of life, choosing to identify themselves in a manner comparable to cream in the dairy aisle (fat-free, half-&-half, heavily or double-creamed), they fundamentally feels that a social privilege that people have struggled long and hard to bring deep into the nation’s consciousness gets devalued when given empty, sensationalist coverage.

When it comes to gender, I’m admittedly quite vanilla, as in a ‘chocolatey’, African-American vanilla variant. Meaning, if you’re like the last woman I dated, you’ll probably put me in the back of the fridge out of sight of parents and friends. But when you’re all alone, you know where to go to get that fix for what has been described as ‘the sweet, soft texture of euphoria.’ I’m unabashedly masculine, which is entirely different from choosing to identify as masculine. Before elaborating further, you should know, namely that without a doubt masculinity is more than just laughing aloud after reading the latest feminist piece on male sexuality. Masculinity has nothing to do with being macho, or the excessive consumption of alcohol, or being/enjoying gratuitous violence, or finally an intolerance of difference, albeit sexual, racial, etc.

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Satire, Charlie Hebdo and Queen Rania

It’s understandable why countless people were offended by the Charlie Hebdo cartoon depicting Aylan as a future sex offender. However, as a student of satire I’m always suspect when it(satire) doesn’t offend. Firstly, it is impossible to not offend someone just given the sheer number of people on earth connected through social media, which specializes in bringing together into the arena of the private screen, diverse ways of thinking and ideologies in real time. Secondly, before we go further into the issue, let’s briefly mention that satire is a an art-form that finds expression through a plethora of avenues with literature and the performing arts literature being the most familiar. The intent of sarcasm is oftentimes social criticism clothed in humor. Satire uses exaggeration and at times ridicule to expose and criticize biases that inform no end of current issues. The issue concerning satire is can we move past the initial offense towards action.

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