Why I love my Dog more than the Girl I’m Seeing

My current chick is an amazing woman. She inspires me to work out harder, stay leaner and improve my finances to the point that I can purchase a luxury car, drive around the city and pick up someone else a little better. If we were to separate now, at this point in our relationship, before I bought that luxury car, I’d be devastated (mostly because the continued existence of my effervescent charm is contingent on my having a back up plan).


Sadly, two weeks ago my beloved dog Soleil had to be put down. She had cancer, I am still not over that loss. Friday when I came home the realization that after 10 years I wouldn’t see her again brought tears to my eyes. I decided to make a positive out of this negative situation. This is a unique opportunity to help women everywhere who want to the guy they are currently seeing to stay awhile. Longer than the first DVD of Girlfriends Season 1. The plan is quite simple, I am going to take the things I loved about Soleil and then show how they can be applied to relationships. Let’s begin.

My dog doesn’t talk to me … but we communicated very well. While we can all agree that communication is key to any great relationship, no one so far has said anything about what should be communicated. Soleil never decided that 1 AM was the perfect time to stand on her soap box and educate me on the feminist interpretation of Face Off, a movie she walked in on an hour into my watching.

Coercion is no where to be found in our relationship. None of my dogs withhold affection when I don’t immediately doing something they want to do. After a 12 hour shift on 4 hours sleep if I don’t want to play catch once I get home, it’s ok. The next day when I return home my dog will still be shaking her ass when she sees me. She won’t for the next three days not respond or respond coldly when I call.

Before we go further, let me just mention a few things. For those of you who have yet to slay the dragon of reading comprehension , I’m not saying that if you want to keep a guy you need to talk less and shake your ass when he comes over to see you. While the ‘strip club model of relationships seems promising, it doesn’t work in the long run. At least that’s what my friends who have dated strippers have told me that and they always find dollar bills in the most random places.

What I am saying though is quite specific. Let me summarize.

Life nowadays is extremely difficult and challenging. While having to contend with life’s challenges, an ever-increasing work day, parents getting older, and trying to figure out how to still maintain my sanity, I don’t need for those precious few hours that comprise my free time to have to another set of challenges that revolve around keeping someone else happy which by its (happiness) very nature is ephemeral at best. More often than not I want to be left alone, but not be by myself. It’s a subtle point and task only left to experts.


3 thoughts on “Why I love my Dog more than the Girl I’m Seeing

  1. I’m so sorry that you lost your canine family member. I know how hard it is to lose a pet, and how weird it feels when it seems like you’re mourning that loss more than you would a human family member.


  2. I am sorry for your loss, I said farewell to my 16 year old pooch in September and I still find myself looking for him when I call the other dog in, like losing any family member it gets easier but you never forget them


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