Why Some Americans Get So Easily Offended

Every time an American gets too easily offended, a baby is thrown out with the bathwater.

11953204_1706133362940473_901518115627006276_nOn second thought that analogy may not be so apropos given how thanks to worldwide, specifically European, xenophobia and callousness babies are washing up on some shores like garbage and dirty condoms at Coney Island. Also the fact that some babies in China and especially female babies in India do in fact get disposed of with the bath water diminishes the universal appeal of my message.

Here is why many Americans have become so easily offended: indoctrination. The average American stops reading after college in lieu of sitting passively for hours in front of screen that tells them what to believe.  This results in a nation neither educated nor socially aware enough to come to terms with its politics, history and the complex reality of our times. It’s easier to shut down all talk that makes us uncomfortable than to look at ourselves and the world around us under the guise of political correctness* or ,’forward-thinking’.

dress-like-a-lion-white-people-will-avenge-meWhen I talk about Americans understand that this is the same group of people that get outraged when a lion ‘Cecil’ is killed by a NJ dentist/hunter, but can’t seem to bat an eye when innocent black people all over the country get killed by police officers for offenses like ‘looking suspicious’, parking in a fire lane or sitting on the stoop of their building. These are the same people who have created rules for how certain topics are to be handled like rape, race, the Kardashians, and class warfare. For example if your child has been killed ignobly by a cop you are expected to talk about forgiveness first and foremost instead of voicing anger as a black parent. Anything less is uncivilized.

Many Americans desperately want a world that is less cruel where the underdog wins, where Adam Sandler movies don’t suck, where our history as a country is thoroughly cleansed like an apartment about to go up for rent on AirBnB with all moral stains hidden. However we don’t want it bad enough to do much about it more than be armchair activists.

There are many things I don’t understand: no one knew that Cecil wasn’t that lion’s real name. Like most of my African friends, his birth name is really African (i.e unpronounceable). That lion took on a colonial name for greater social acceptance because every last bit counts. I also don’t understand why in America, appearing to be forward thinking is lauded more than actual forward thinking.

In Conclusion

download (4)Minds that are easily indoctrinated don’t do well with critical thinking or coming to terms with complexed reality. There are cases where this may works out for the positive (like when certain college girls believe that a healthy dose of jungle fever in college makes them look cooler than their friends who decided instead to work a retail job at some strip mall in the vast black hole of excitement known as Ohio). In terms of national discussion and growth it’s disastrous (indoctrination not the jungle fever epidemic sweeping certain dorms).


*Political Correctness – The idea that you can pick up a turd by the clean end.”

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2 thoughts on “Why Some Americans Get So Easily Offended

  1. Reblogged this on Essence of Pride, Inc. and commented:
    Amen! I totally agree with this post, what is happening to the people of America? I am seriously contemplating saving my funds and moving to another country-for I just can’t begin to understand some people’s priorities anymore. Yes, I too was very pissed about the lion, but more so very nervous and quite frankly afraid of the actions that many police officers seem to be taking. It appears to me that some officers may be part of a secret club that have vowed to wipe out the African American race-for that are not just killing Black men, but women too. Honestly, I’m quite ashamed to have the title of being an American. Things really need to change. Thanks for putting this post out there.


  2. You know me. I get plenty outraged at the deaths of people who were doing nothing but existing when they got gunned down. But I admit that I get more outraged at the death of an animal. Mostly because I think animals are better than most people. That ass wipe dentist deserves to go to prison. Frankly, so do the cops that killed Freddie Gray. But justice is slow in this country, so I’m trying to pace my anger so it lasts a good long time.


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