You Requested it (II): My Dating Philosophy & Interracial Dating

My philosophy on dating is a lot like a common practice of watch manufacturers. No matter how expensive, or different in style, watches still always come in a hairy box and I aspire to do the same (i.e. not be picky). Suffice it to say, I’m quite open-minded. I do not put much weight into if the girl’s taller or shorter; I don’t care if she’s black, white red, blue, green, yellow. I will even go on record and say that I don’t care if she has had a child. When most men hear a woman has had 10 fingers inside her at once they tend to shy away. But I’m sure by now you know I’m made of sterner stuff*.

The Reality Though

Dating is a specific kind of social interaction. We should expect age, race and other biases to be as prevalent in dating as they are in all other social interactions.

Dating/marrying outside your race, isn’t that big a deal nowadays. Fifty years ago miscegenation could cost you your life. Now if you buy into the deal of interracial marriage or dating, the price isn’t as steep. Instead of paying with your life, you can get a lifetime of aggravation. If you get the extended deal, your biracial progeny will come with an anchorless, but bifurcated sense of identity. Aside from Old Navy commercials they will have nothing in life to look forward to doing.


It is comforting to know that in 2012, 15% of new marriages were interracial. That means that I am not alone in being open-minded about relationships. Open-mindedness has reaped huge benefits for me. Let me give you an example.

Open-mindedness helped me master awkward conversations with a lady’s father. The key is to explain how repeated, invasive sexual acts do not damage a woman’s credit score. At most they just make her area red and warm to the touch. After explaining that, I find fathers tend to come around (to not talking to you anymore.)

The Serious Bit Now

It’s not only dating that has changed much since I was twenty-two. Our culture has undergone some serious social changes. We still haven’t had a black president yet. A mulatto one is a step in the right direction though. (See what I did there ?) The main issue at the core of interracial dating isn’t race; it is a class issue. (I actually believe racism in the USA is a mask worn by class warfare) Yes ‘class’ that five letter word you can’t mention. Upward mobility in America is at an all time low**. As a result it’s harder to cut across socioeconomic lines. This holds true for social interaction as well as politics and legislation.

201411_1413_iabge_smHowever not all is lost. I do feel open-mindedness will gain some ground like cholera in nations the UN is helping. Word on the street is that there is a new KKK that accepts black membership. While I’m very selective  about my membership, the future is looking banging***.


  • ‘Sterner stuff’ –  That is a Shakespeare reference Julius Caesar
    ** Tough Luck, Americans: The American Dream of Upward Mobility Is Dead
    *** Banging – an informal but popular slang expression meaning sexy or hot when describing a person (mainly used to describe women), but can also mean that something is awesome (non-sexual). It comes from the verb bang, which means to hit hard, and can also be a synonym for “to have sex.”

3 thoughts on “You Requested it (II): My Dating Philosophy & Interracial Dating

  1. At its heart, all racism is based on fear – of the other. How you define ‘other’ may change from country to country, culture to culture, century to century but it still boils down to fear. Maybe once interracial dating/marriage becomes the norm we’ll all stop seeing skin colour as a trigger for ‘other’. Of course in that world of the future, the new other could well be religion [an oldie but a goodie], gender? age?
    Hmm…I could write a whole story about the Other.

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