ByteSized: Freedom & Technology

(byte-sized - random short thoughts that run through my head)

Freedom is a very abstract thing. We can all agree that despite both being incredible pains in the ass, freedom from hemorrhoids is not the same as freedom from foreign rule.

But moving beyond the common place and vulgar for a minute (we shall return shortly), have you every looked at how  the word freedom is policed? Save for on which side of maintaining the socio-political status-quo a group falls, there is so little difference between a freedom-fighter or insurgent.

That may sound a little to narrow-minded but look at it this way. The world is, or to be more specific, has become a vast marketplace and not just for the buying and selling of material goods. Goods are not separate from the ideology from which they are produced. What’s really being sold ?Specific implementation of ideologies as complex as the human beings from which they came.

Let me give you an example:


iPhones are the very symbol of a technocracy -a regime that regards humans as mere instruments of science or ideological goals. We all love the iPhone, the iPad, and who can forget the latest iBullshit coming out in a few week, yet we consistently chooses to ignore human rights abuse behind procuring of the newest technology because we can crush candy or play mafia wars on a longer than needed commute to a soulless job.

Where is the freedom in all this? Where is individual thought and expression, were is the exchange of ideas for the sake of edification and social betterment?

How would one combat these abuses? What does it mean to fight for freedom? Is it possible to fight for individual freedoms without having an agenda that pleases the plutocratic cabal that goads huge masses of people into profitable directions?

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