What’s Been Happening: A Retrospective Look at the Last 7 Months Part 1

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2014 in Review: “They’re beating negroes like hotcakes!

Did you think 2015 could enter in the world scene with the fanfare and pomp of a prized erection, and while 2014 escape my commentary ? I wouldn’t stand for such tom-foolery. Camus has said that: “At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face.” If only he knew that, that feeling of absurdity is another name for the police. Of course the incidence of police brutality and its ramifications on the ever widening socio economic interpretations of race relations elicited the greatest response from me this year.

I thought Orwell’s asking us to imagine a boot stomping on a human face forever was an invitation for reflection not so much a bankable prediction. But anyways here it is:


Air Malaysia

Living through 9/11 did a lot to influence how I view world events. Normally when I hear that Muslims crashed in a plane I assume they were trying to steer it into a building. The first plane crashed into a sea which leads to me believe that if terrorist were on board they were the ones on academic probation at Jihad Uni. Everyone knows there are no tall buildings under water. The second flight was downed by reprobate pro-Russian separatist in the Ukraine. Of course this will be the inspiration of an opening sequence to a plot-less Michael Bay film.


Everyone with AIDS and Cancer felt complete irrelevant this past year with the emergence of Ebola. If you were a non-minority american you with Ebola you got to be on TV. Ebola was so popular I believe the UN might replace cholera with it as the gift its brings to countries it tries to ‘help’

George Clooney gets married

George Clooney and his wife remind of the John McCain and Sarah Palin presidential run. The formula is the same: swollen prostate, past-prime non-contributing once celebrated public figure with a younger more accessible woman by his side, moonlighting as something other than a nurse or health care assistant. Why is this news?

6 thoughts on “What’s Been Happening: A Retrospective Look at the Last 7 Months Part 1

      1. LOL! It’ll never happen, buddy! That’s the reason we naked folks hug! 🙂 I’m in DC! Cold here, too!


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