10 Observations from Working In a Corporate Office

downloadIt’s not just wearing collared shirts these days; I put away my treasured copy of Che Guevara’s Guerilla Warfare. I have changed. Did you know what I got in return from leaving my wildness, untamed imagination and  straight talking at home when I go to the office ?


My paycheck almost doubled in a year. I can afford to put cheese on everything I order at the restaurant. To show you how extreme it has gotten, the other day I ordered a cheese platter, and asked for extra cheese on top of that. A few months ago I washed down a Minetta Tavern Black label Burger (a $26 dollar affair) with amazing dessert, and some Calvados.

Yet I am grossly unhappy with my job. Why ? Here are 10  of my many observations accrued since June 16th:

  1. CEO’s fall into two categories sociopathic or psychopathic. They want to extract the most from you with the least effort. And they do this in part by staffing the higher-up positions  with yes-men and yes women who will never question the why’s and how’s. They contort reality with insincere words.
  2. Your ability to think critically is only appreciated when it is in accord with someone’s fantasy. Pointing out inconsistencies, offering other alternatives, being proactive, can and are easily labeled as being, negative.
  3. Meetings are hell on earth. Over 40% of your work week will be mired in meetings forcing you to work weekend and nights to meet immutable deadlines because someone likes the sound of their voice.
  4. No one at the top is accountable. In other words the captain steering the ship straight into the iceberg isn’t responsible for the carnage. The engine room staff, the kitchen staff, maintenance is responsible. If they all have been doing their job nothing bad will happen ever.
  5. Ass in seat syndrome rules. Someone who has their ass in a seat for 10 hours is lauded more than some who does double their work in 8 hours. Loyalty is judged by the appearance of being present

I was an Entrepreneur Once

I think I may start my own business mostly because I don’t have the patience and tolerance for bullshit.

Question of the Day: What kinda of business would you start if you could ?

17 thoughts on “10 Observations from Working In a Corporate Office

  1. Hi. Same boat; ostensibly steering my career into the gargantuan iceberg called Pink Slip. Currently pondering the purchase of Velvet Jones’s “How To Be a Ho” since dreaming of doing something I enjoy for a living has consumed my thoughts for the past ten years and sadly, it’s driving me crazy.

    Alas, I always wind up swimming and alternately drowning in the Secretarial (aka Administrative Slave/Den Mother) Pool. Nice to meet you.


  2. I forgot your business question – Taking “if you could” to mean the elimination of obstacles like money and permits, food truck. Definitely a food truck or, a small hole-in-the-wall cafe.


    1. I found a small hole-in- wall cafe on 37 near 8th. Ok sorry I forgot that you may not live in NYC lol

      I would love to have ahole in the wall bar/cafe or food place. It would be awesome.

      Welcome and enjoy your stay here there is coca cola in the fridge because this is effing Murica!!!!! hopeless is down in the basement where I these three migrant families are staying (at a price) in case you were wondering


      1. Born & raised in Brooklyn. 🙂 Used to work on 23rd & 6th Ave. I now live in “Canada” (aka Putnam County).
        Ideally my food truck would be all kinds of crepes & homemade medibles because fuck yeah. Legalize! 😀


      2. get the fuck outta here, Im born and raised in BK. (BK all day even on a mutha fucking Sunday)

        Im living in the cesspool that is jersey city. Ive been here for a year and change and I am moving back to the city once my lease is up.

        Anyway, one day I will try marijuana, but in the meantime I make awesome crepes, like creme you pants crepes.

        Did you like how I used creme and not cream. Im fucking classy!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I wonder Marj. There are some companies I have worked that it wasnt as stressful and I really loved my time there.

      I think no place is going to be a utopia. There will always be something to argue about. However the question is how much stress discomfort and anguish is acceptable ?

      Ya know what I mean?

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      1. i know exactly what you mean. I job hopped in my earlier years and was unhappy in most of the companies I had worked for. It’s just that you said you are receiving good pay. Can’t you hang around for a little more time :-)? I’m just kidding. But are you sure you’re willing to give that up considering how difficult it is to find a job out there?
        What am I saying. It’s your life and you know what’s best for you.
        You’re incredibly smart. I’m sure you’ll find something better.


  3. I worked an office for a few days on the switch-board, I was terrible! I don’t think I’m cut out for the corportate world.
    One day I want to buy some land and grow some food and have a little eco-tourism business on the land so that will be my business I hope.


    1. YO EVEY

      Wassup playa! Its so nice to hear from you. You’re secretly my favourite Aussie, close behind you is Yvonne Strahovski, and after her Aussie hair care products. I love eco-tourism, lemme know when you start setting it up. Maybe by then Ill be paid and i could help out!!1


  4. Well, I want my own business. The 9-5 grind is something I’ve never been a fan of. And while I appreciate the freelance life and being able to sleep in at 9 or 10, those paychecks are sometimes few and far in between.

    I have a bit of a lofty goal – I want to have a media empire. Like Oprah’s, but perhaps bigger.


    1. Lofty goals are awesome. I like them and wish you success. However I want you to do a me a favor. If you have a magazine that bears part of your name can you not be on every single cover. If You can promise me that I will more than support your empire



        Yes, I will definitely make that promise. I would feel uncomfortable being on the cover that many times, anyway! Though, I don’t mind having a little circular thumbnail on the “Editor” page 🙂


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