Thank You For Welcoming Me Back

The King Returns


The Second Reign

It is without much fanfare that I’ve emerged from my self-imposed exile from blogging. While a lot has changed, what hasn’t is the frequency and intensity that you, my audience, have cried out for someone to guide you again through the labyrinthine simulacrum of reality referred to as daily living. I understand your concern as well, as I take upon my shoulders the responsibility to speak honestly and cast my light on the nefarious shadows that engulf your every thought.

You must be asking,  ‘Does he still have it ?’  Can he lead out of the perilous dark of moral somnolence into a new beginning wrought with hope, possibility and free condoms? I still honor my commitment to sweeten reality with my acerbic wit, overly didactic diatribe, perspicacious social commentary and irreverent joking, because laughter as well as discrete masturbation habits is all that separates us from the beast of the field, unless it’s Spring Break Panama City.

I decree that:

Even though large tracts of blogs on WordPress, many old and famous have fallen or may soon fall into the grip of an almost eternal slumber I shall go on to the end fight against becoming boring, typical and predictable whatever the cost may be until, in God’s good time, something new (preferably a lady in her mid to late twenties) steps forth to the rescue me from my old habits putting my absurd pontifications online.




    • Hey My Dear,

      It’s been an age I am older and starting to grey but a little wiser.

      I want to say we should catch up but I don’t know what is the virtual equivalent of drinking coffee and taking a crap on the world at large for failing to meet my over idealistic expectation.

      It is so nice to hear from you, and ‘see’ a familiar face around these parts. Whats new with you ? Are you still traveling the world, pub’lin in Dublin.

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      • Let’s see…a) got married last year – V Day is our one year anniversary; b) Dad died earlier last year (a month after we got married, but he got to meet the man; c) still traveling more than ever now that there’s another destination to go to – hubby. How about you?


      • Congrats on getting married, and I hope you had a nice anniversary will of things that sparkle and pink sprinkles and heart shapes. (Cupids donuts at Dunkin Donuts and a handmade card with glitter – its work 60% of the time everytime.) Im really sorry about your dad’s passage 😦 How are you holding up. More importantly how is your MOM and family doing ?


  1. I ought to scorn you first for falling out of touch. But for now, I’m just too glad for having found you again to do that. I’m having lunch this very moment at work. I’ll get back to you.
    Just to let you know: I’ve missed you terribly, my friend.

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      • That would be nice. I’m fine. My son is sure enjoying life — he has already moved out.
        How about you? You aren’t telling us anything on what has happened to your personal life. 🙂


      • He had shown intention to do that but I never thought he’d actually do it. It was a shock when he left all of a sudden. I had been told a number of times it’s inevitable because he’s already a young man. I thought, not to me. Now I remember the older lady blogger from my past who had said exactly: I thought it wouldn’t happen to me, too.

        Has your job become a hindrance to your romantic life? How’s your long-time girlfriend?
        I still think you should go out and meet other girls to fuel your writing. 🙂


      • You have mentioned that in one of your very last posts the previous year. I knew it would take time for you to get over it because of the length of time you were together.
        At your age, you should be having some fun with multiple relationships :-D. Yeah, can’t wait to read that post on the single life.


      • Life is treating me okay. I’ve got some good news I’ll be sharing on the Jukebox soon. Although, you might be confusing me with another Mary. I’d sooner gouge out my eyes than see Gwen Stefani live. 🙂


      • Actually, I was just being a little silly I thought I’d throw in a little bit of non sequitur in I don’t think your music sensibilities lie with Ms. Stefani.

        Hey it’s good to hear from you I look forward to the good news. I am glad I came back just in time for it.


  2. Oh hey! Yes, you were definitely missed by me! I tried to reach out to you via Gmail, but it gave me that weird Mailer Daemon message. So I’m totes glad that you’re back. Some of the blogs that I’ve been following are either dead or cat photos. Boo! Now that I have anything against cats, they’re lovely. But not something I want to see all the time.


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