MrMary Ponders Sarcastically || Is Tom Cruise The Only Caucasian Who Can Save US?

Reader Discretion Advised. In the following post adult and uncomfortable subjects are broached quite brashly with inappropriate uncomfortable  humor

Growing up in NYC, going to prep school, and being the only black guy in pretty much every job has given me a great understanding of White People. I am writing this blog post to take a firm stand for my fellow Caucasian Americans.

download (16)I am resigned to the fact that as a minority in this country the media is suffused with  negative images of my people. The truth of the matter is I don’t mind. You know why ?This is the best we can do. You have to let some shit slide, that is why there is a special, para and regular Olympics – think about the subtext to there being so many different types of Olympic games. I believe it will take another 100 years for this country to see non-whites  as human beings. Of course logically the country does because of science but socio-politically, it is a different story.

With all that said why is Tom Cruise the only white guy that can save the planet in the face of impossible conflict? I have traveled through the country and met such a variety of Caucasians.  There are Irish, and Scottish, Italian French, Russian, Greek, etc What is so special about Tom Cruise ?  Why couldn’t an Italian other than Stallone, or an Austrian other than Arnold, or a Spaniard other than Javier Bardem play a world saving hero? Come to think about it Tom Cruise isn’t the only white guy, he is the more frequent white guy that can save us all in movies.

But why can’t a white woman save the world in a movie. I mean regular movie not alien fetish porno.  I mean Angelina Jolie is picking up Third world children faster than Red Cross Relief/Aid workers. Or how about the Southern Red Necks fucking their brothers and first cousins keeping the abortion clinics open? We have so many unsung heroes here and lately it’s been just Tom.


Seriously all jokes and snark aside what is it about Tom Cruise that inspires trust and believability? This is  not a black and white thing. I’m just curious given the frequency of his appearances in movies where he has to save the world as of late. Let me be clear, I think he is a great actor. I don’t care about his beliefs or his personal life. I just want to know why he is so often cast  in a role where he is this bad ass savior.

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I think after Lincoln there has been a power vacuum created, and there wont be a greater leader/hero for a while to come.


  1. Could it be his height? Could the fact that he is shorter than the average movie star make it theoretically easier for for movie goers to believe they could be him in the films rather than a muscle bound tough guy which obviously would require some form of working out, am just thinking in that respect he is quite similar to that other frequent saviour of the world Bruce Willis.


  2. Why Tom Cruise? I don’t have a clue. Interesting point, though. Much love and naked hugs! 🙂


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