MrMary Responds || Woman seeks divorce because her husband didn’t like ‘Frozen’


The Japanese blog and forum Kikonsha no Hakaba, or the aptly named Marriage Graveyard, got a shock last week when one of its readers, a 31-year-old husband, revealed that the Disney blockbuster had upended his otherwise stable marriage. The man, who was not named, should have been primed to enjoy the movie: After all, he was a student of Danish literature, which gave life to Frozen‘s inspiration, Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of the Snow Queen. His literary degree garnered him an annual salary of 11 million yen—equivalent to a tidy six figures in U.S. dollars. This let him lead a comfortable, debt-free lifestyle and enabled his 29-year-old wife to live on his salary. And thus it had been for the duration of their six-year-marriage, until he uttered the fateful words:

“It’s an OK movie, I guess, but I didn’t really care for it personally… Do you really think it’s that good?”

I still believe that marriage is a  shoddy contract at best. Some couple can re-purpose that contract into something beautiful but those couples are far and few in between.  if you read the article you will see that the couple had no serious problems and had a steady relationship. If you believe that, then can I ask you

  1. Would you leave someone you loved if they didn’t like a movie you liked
  2. Do you think that the dude dodged a bullet
  3. Can you offer any comments or thoughts on this that doesn’t include or blame the patriarchy ?

I think he dodged a bullet, personally but this is ridiculous.

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