A New Life on It’s way for Myself and this blog

So it’s an end of an era.

As we speak I am printing out my new hire papers. I have  flown the coup and now am venturing off into something different enough from what I usually do everyday. For the past 6-7 years I have struggled,toiled  and lived miserably sometimes with no food, sometimes with no bed, no money to get to both work and return home again. Yet despite all of this there was a stubbornness born out of a lack of options and a child-like optimism that this will eventually work themselves out for the better.

it’s one of those pivotal moments where things are clearly changing.  This mean on some level I am changing and growing. With that said, I do not know what the fate of this blog will be. I no longer really want to write about what I normally write about. It has gotten stale. The idea behind this blog was basically through poking fun and satirizing the world around me I could sweeten reality. In administering the right amount of truth, some analytical thought and humor, I thought we could broach serious happenings in our culture deconstruct them to expose what thoughts were at their core.  I’m closing in on 1500 posts and that is a milestone. A lot of bloggers who birthed their blogs into existence when this one came into being are no longer around. I think I have done that enough.

So I am either going to change this blog around in a radical way, or retire it. I will still be on WordPress of course (I don’t know if that is any consolation) but I’m tired of dishing out the spoonfuls of suga. Don’t get me wrong I got tons of it but  I’m rather sick of either the way I am administering this suga or the form this suga takes




  1. Too bad I found you only in the last couple of years and as such I am still not tired of your suga. But I guess that’s what the archives are for, unless you are not even going to keep the archives.


  2. Congratulations on your new direction! However, I hope you’ll continue to publish. I DO thoroughly enjoy your perspective. Much love and naked hugs in whatever you decide! Do YOU, man! 🙂


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