Iconoclasts: A Conversation between Dave Chappelle & Maya Angelou Part 1

While I was researching and reflecting back on the life of Dr Maya Angelou I came across this very thought provoking videos.  I thought I would share. Dr Maya Angelou meant a lot to me and to many Black people growing up in these United States. What many of us read and were exposed to as recorded history she lived through. Every time I heard her talk, for me it healed a wound inflicted on my own personal life.

I have always promulgated the idea that there are many versions of America all of which exist at anyone one time.  My version of America has been a harsh and denigrating force on my soul. One of the reason I feel my generation of African Americans is so lost in some respects is that we don’t have the ability to interact with and listen to our “elders”. When our only contact with the past is through the bowdlerized version of history thrown our way. It is only natural to become unrooted in the  present as we face new and unique challenges.

This exchange in many ways was very important and I would like to know what you think about it

Provocative comedian Dave Chappelle and renowned poet Maya Angelou discuss how poetry and comedy can bridge both genders and generations.


  1. I admit to not watching/listening to Chappelle very often, but I absolutely adore Dr Angelou’s writing. Perhaps I should give him another shot, given this new information…


    • Hey tarnszzssessss

      It’s been a long time or rather it seems like its been a long time. How have ya been. I love Dr Angelou a lot. I grew up on Chappelle. It has been an interesting dynamic to see both of them interact. Does your email work. Ive been meaning to follow up on the interview thing I sent ya


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