A Big Thank You to Australia !!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s late at night and I am at least 30 clicks deep into youtube when I stumble upon Skippy the Bush Kangaroo. I dunno why but I havent been able to stop laughing. Its past 3:am here.  I am confounded but my deeepest Thank you Australia, you’ve made my night.


  1. I grew up with Skippy – Skippy was better than any dog – so faithful and really looked after Sonny (I was SO jealous of Sonny). I learned to whistle using grass or leaves thanks to that show. There must have been 100 episodes or so – I could have hummed and sung that theme without needing a reminder. Loved that show (it played in our country about the same time as we had Flipper and Grizzly Adams on the telly too).


      • Hey there Dave
        Things getting a little less crazy in my world. Now, I was going to marry Grizzly Adams… I don’t think he knew it, but my little heart only a few years old harboured an enormous love for him. I must see if I can find the series and see what I make of it as an adult!

        OKAY – awesome skill you are about to practice – you need to place a blade of grass vertically between your thumbs… make sure the grass is straight/taut. Hold to your mouth and blow. You can do the same thing with thin to medium thickness leaves too, as long as they are long enough…
        Hmmm… I am finding this hard to describe so just went looking for instructions on the ubiquitous youtube

        Have fun!!!


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