Need to Do Something New on the Blog – open for suggestions

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Concerning history, James Joyce said it was a nightmare from which he is trying to awaken. I would like my own insight. History is not this static documentation of the passage of time which we relegate to books and academic discussions. We are in a constant struggle to detach ourselves from the nightmare.

History is a dynamic site that bears witness to the coming together of past and present, in much the same way the beach is a dynamic coming together of ocean land. One is fixed and unchanging, to an extent and the other is fluid,shapeless  really.

While the line between past and present is as shifting as one drawn into the beach’s sand, there are certain narrative, which seem to dominate this coming together of past and present.

Since the Middle Ages the narrative of capitalism has grew both in influence and puissance to now dominate this moment of our history. What this means is that so many social issues will have as one of their root causes issues over the distribution of wealthy, class warfare, xenphobia and racism used to fuel and support economic privileges etc.

The Problem with Reading A lot of News

This blog exists to comment satirically on present occurrences in such a way as to counteract the heavy-handed bowdlerization of reality we are force fed on a daily basis. In order to do this, I read a lot of news and revisit many painful moments of our history to try and find meaning. The problem is that I see the same thing repeating over and over again. What I see ad nauseum boils down to this:

We do not want to recognize the complexity of causes behind many of our social ills. Therefore “people” harp strongly on one singular cause at the expense of all the other causes. There is the general assumption that the louder we harp the more righteous we are in our position.

We do not want to ask the basic questions because of our own complicity in the state of the world. Has anyone every seriously asked to have someone seriously answer why do people turn to extremism ? It’s easy to say that extremist of any type are crazy but that’s not the whole story.

We value comfort over everything. For the comfort of a few the lives of millions will be affected adversely and that is ok.

I see the same thing play out almost every new topic: sensationalism, fabricated and actually outrage working side by side, a reluctance to engage in dialogue and serious analysis. Long story short I’ve grown tired of a writing a lot of the type of stuff I do. I’m really sick of it. I have put out there 1473 posts and I have 179 drafts. I want to continue writing and engaging with the few of you I do but I need something new. If you care to please leave some suggestions below


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  1. Are you looking to do something completely different or looking for different topics of debate?

    (work is swamped right now, sorry I haven’t been around as much!)


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