Contort Reality in Australia – The Ferals are Revolting according to Rupert Murdoch & Co



After marching through Broadway in March in May event, University of Technology students blocked George Street protesting against Abbott’s government current policies and budget cuts. Police had to intervene, resulting in several students arrested.


Other Reporting

Tens of thousands of Australians took to the streets of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth on Sunday to protest against the policies of the Abbott government. “This is not just a march about the budget,” said Kimberly, a Sydney organiser. “These marches signify major concern with current government policies, dissatisfaction with a stagnant two-party political system, and the disturbing motivations and influence of those with money and power.”

Organizers of the Sydney event were buoyed by the turnout and behavior at the rally. Speakers emphasized the “peaceful” aspect of the protest and urged crowds to ignore or report to police any dangerous or violent behavior. The crowd was mixed, with hundreds of children accompanying parents and friends. Older people told Guardian Australia they were concerned how they could help their children after the budget revelations that particularly affected young people.

Placards covered a multitude of topics, including offshore processing and asylum seeker policies, Indigenous inequality, the Trans Pacific partnership, climate change, and – thanks to the timely nature of the protest so soon after the federal budget – funding cuts and broken promises.



This is interesting. Generally I have noticed that the front pages of newspapers  project images different from the facts and it is usualy done to sway opinion of people too busy and involved in their own life to get down to the heart of the matter. To say the ferals are revolting seems to me so far from what I have read about this. I think it’s noble for children to be walking with their parents protesting many social ills. Peaceful protest were supposedly one of the main pillars of democracy.

Peace protest and thinking for yourself seem to be revile characteristics which have to be disinformation and propaganda campains.

If there are any Australians reading this please give some feedback.  Maybe I have it wrong.

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  1. Hi, we marched in May (and in March) with our family (children aged 7, 5, 2 and 6 months). There are some angry students, but no violence. Some of them just sat down in a circle at the crossroads until the police moved them on. Many older folk and families have been at these marches. It’s not just one political party protesting against another. It is ordinary, everyday Australians who are attempting to have their voices heard by a government who is doing so many different things to damage people and our environment. I have written letters, but had no response. I have never been a political activist, but now seems a good time to start!


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