Child Laborers Work 12-Hour Days In Mines So That You Can Have That Glittery Eyeshadow


A campaign by Made in a Free World, an organization on a mission to combat modern-day slavery, is fighting against child labor in India where 60 percent of the Earth’s mica is mined. The glittery mineral is used in many common cosmetic products sold internationally, and is often mined on the backs of Indian children working in sub-standard, dangerous and illegal conditions.

According to DanWatch, a nonprofit advocating for social justice issues, children as young as 5 years old are forced to enter crumbling mine shafts and use hammers to chisel away at the resource, even while it’s illegal for anyone in India under the age of 14 to be employed in mining. Children have been known to work 12-hour days for just $4 in mines in India, according to Agence France Presse.

The best way to combat the injustice, Made in a Free World argues, is for individual fundraising efforts to create “safe villages” that allow children to freely and safely attend school. As the website notes, $50 can prevent a child from working and gives them an education, while $100 provides them a bike to get to school.

Unlike the birth of High heels in the 16th century, the history of cosmetics spans at least 6000 years of human history. Some argue that cosmetic body art was the earliest form of ritual in human culture, dating over 100,000 years ago from the African Middle Stone Age. The evidence for this comes in the form of utilized red mineral pigments (red ochre) including crayons associated with the emergence of Homo sapiens in Africa.

What that means to me is that the continued use of make-up is not a socio-cultural phenomena whose existence can be solely attributed to the wanton wants and desires of men. Also that this need for adornment isnt going to go away. I think With advances in polymer chemistry and a hsot of other things we can make just as cool make-up without the child labor. I think this is an issue we can tackle without too much debate or stupid articles on about loving yourself and appearance. Not that self-love is bad especially since May is national masturbation month.

I know the magic that make-up can do. I saw that thread that everyone else saw about porn stars before and after make-up treatment. Blemishes, signs of again, complexion issues can all be lessened through the use of make-up.  Still I dont think someone else’s confidence or fuckability should depend  on child labour, whether you’re a priest or a soccer mom.



  1. Mr. Marymuthafuckinpoppins,

    Long time-No speak. Excellent point and a tough sell in almost any house in the country. I get; then again, I don’t.
    For years I have spoken out against make-up in general as un-needed goop.
    In most cases, the natural way a woman looks is as or more beautiful than the result after make-up is applied.
    A prime example of this for me is Kim Kardashian.
    I’m not commenting on her show, actions, attitude, or even her intelligence. Strictly speaking of her face.
    When I see her made up for the public; she is a very pretty woman. If you see the home movies of them when they were in their late teens, you can see Kim with no make-up.
    I guess it’s just me but I think she is so much more beautiful when you can see the natural character and humanity in her face.
    She is of course just a very familiar example but there are so many more. they are in every home in America. My wife is another example. So much more beautiful when I see her in her natural state.
    She doesn’t buy it either.
    Not that I mind a small amount to even the complexion and the like but eye make-up. Please.
    Lipstick. Repulsive, squishy, waxy, ugly, unnecessary and un-natural.
    I could go on but I feel I have most likely offended enough folks for one pass.


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