Can We Extricate ourselves from the Live we’re living to Live the Life we Want?

I got a cool comment to my post by from this Blogger, in response to a post I put out last week: Playing the Game of Life. This was a great comment and I wanted to share it with everyone:

I think this is something that many people recognize and struggle with daily, but cannot seem to find a way to get unplugged. At least, find a way to unplug and then fully be without consequence. The consequences for living each day as you wish to live is so dire that few can find a way to accomplish it. You either find a way to rise above the system and control the system, or you are a slave to the system. I think this barely chips at the surface of the problem of society – – and we wonder why people cannot find meaning in their life…

My Thoughts

There is a saying I had at one time above my writing desk. I thought I would share it with you:

download (6)

Deep in the sea there are riches beyond compare
But if you seek Safety it is on the shore

Saadi, Rose Garden

Quite often we hear the word empowerment in the media, but what we don’t hear about is the cost of empowering ourselves. When you empower yourself it means in many ways that you have to forcible wrest away power and control from whatever it is that exerts power over you.  For some of us that may be our parents, the past hurts we still carry, or the society we live in. Unfortunately wresting away control comes with some consequences. One major consequence is that we have to face ourselves. You cannot empower yourself without alienating yourself from others, because the status quo is basically to fall in line with falling in line.

I think daring to be different, to think independently, is just the iceberg.

I think to free ourselves begins with separating ourselves from our social conditioning. Also I have noticed that the intention from which we do things determines whether we are slaves to the system or not. When my intentions are clear why I am doing something, and they come from me not from what society, or parents or friends have told me I tend to feel an expanded sense of freedom. We cannot avoid the system but we can change how we use it, relate to it, and interact with it.

What do you think ? How free do you think you are  ?


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