Life In Your 20s Vs 30s (1)

Is this like this for you ? What do you notice as being different between your 20’s and 30’s ? Which do you prefer better


  1. Loved this it made me laugh and rang true. There was lots of fun in my twenties and times I miss but I am happier now, and in still know how to have a good time, just not every Friday and Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and midweek.
    The one about in your 20s self-doubt and confusion vs in your 30s acceptance is so true. I think my 30s will be my best years of my life.


    • Your Majesty,

      Thanks for gracing these pages again !

      When I saw this video I busted out laughing. My 20’s sucked hard, hard like the yellow off a lemon. II really like my thirties so far it’s much calmer and less volatile and Im much for comfortable being off.

      I think my 30’s will rock too, cheers to that !


  2. My 30s are a memory at this point, but they were wayyyyyy better than my 20s. There’s something about getting older that makes you more comfortable in you skin. Of course, the therapy I got in college might’ve helped me, too. The jury’s still out on my 40s, but because of economic upheaval and parental death/illness, things haven’t been all that awesome so far.


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