Might Be Time For Something New

california_or_bust__by_backflippingwarblers-d5bnavfI cannot tell if it is the inertia from all the years of living in NYC or the weight of all the memories of my actions here that make it hard to leave. A few days ago my father-in-law called me up to check how I was feeling. I told him I was better and back to working. During the course of our conversation he asked me why didn’t I want to movie to California ?

Long story short, I am aiming to relocate to Southern California in about 2 years time god willingly if I am still around. Have any of you every moved great distances ? Why did you decided to do so ? Anything I should look out for?

Please share your wisdom and insight 🙂


Also  I  wanna assemble a team of people cool people to work with and push the envelope a bit with blogging, do some new and crazy stuff. Anyone down



  1. Wow! You want to come out to my neck of the woods. (And I’d like to plug Long Beach as an awesome, eclectic, fun city to live in out here. I’m in one of the small cities next door to LB, but I know it well enough to know it’s one of the best cities here.)

    Name your blogging poison. I’m looking to branch out a bit.


    • Yeah I love Southern California, I have really grown fond of the Pasadena Altadena Area. My first trip into California I flew into the LBC. Next time I am hoping to check out Long beack more and see the Queen Mary 2 and the aquarium etc. I even like East Los, It has a nice vibe

      I wanted to start a podcast, do a youtube “show” and collaborate with someone to do some manga I created a story line for. I wanted to share more of my writing but am not so sure yet.

      I wanted to do a collaboration involving songs that sound good with a kind of socio political message. I’ve been meaning to email you about that but was busy like a mofo. I’ve been listening again to music after some while, figured it be nice. We could indulge in our leftist leanings too


      • You are a man with a lot of ideas, Dave. 🙂 I like that. Because I’m kind of technologically challenged (I don’t use a Mac just because it’s pretty . . . although it is), I’m not sure how much help I’d be deciding or setting anything up. Kina and I did mutual posts about a Steve Miller song that we reblogged for each other, but that’s about as much collaborating as I’ve done so far. I’m game, though.

        I hear you about not being ready to share any writing just yet. It needs to feel ready, and it just doesn’t yet.


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