Dave Chappelle, Positive Thinking, and some comments


It may not seem that way from the joking around  I do here but at my core I am an optimist. However I absolutely abhor this positive thinking cult that from time to time grips popular culture.

Too often I think people confuse positive thinking with magical thinking. The epitome of magical thinking to me is the book The Secret. The book is based on the idea that people who think positive thoughts are rewarded with happiness, wealth, influence, wisdom, and success. Byrne writes. “Begin thinking the opposite thoughts to what you’ve been thinking about yourself: that you can do it, and that you have everything within you to do it.” That is true, of course to an extent. I believe it is an over-simplification.

I think that kind of thinking engenders self-centeredness because it doesn’t bring into the arena of thought the idea that our relative successes and failures depend on the action of others, the context in which we are doing things, the system we are working with and a host of other factors. It also doesn’t discuss complex social issues that hinder certain demographics but not others.

Just my Thoughts  What do you think ?


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