Weird Question from Facebook || If you could spend a day with me ……


Somethings you should know about me:

I’m not a rapist
I don’t have illegitimate children
I have a grad degree
I used to know how to play trumpet, guitar, and harmonica
I don’t iron my underwear  but they are wrinkle free
I’ve never been incarcerated.
I like to read
I dont have cable or watch tv
I can cook above the levels historically I am supposed to
I don’t have any social privileges that I can use to  harm you, other than a killer Jump-shot behind the foul line

In other word

download (10)
I am that one Negro in ten thousand….

Anyways, Answer and reblog, or if you don’t want to re-blog ask your readers or friends.


  1. Have a few beers and people-watch. I am sure we can come up with some good stories along the way!


  2. If I could spend one whole day with you in Toronto, we’d spend a lot of time in my favorite Irish pub, talking! We’d be talking and talking a lot. Then we’d go to another pub and then perhaps a bookstore. Then we’d go the art gallery! And then the park behind the art gallery because it’s no alive there. Oh then we’d go to the hippy market. Come to Toronto!


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