A MGTOW Survey & Some Thoughts

imageMGTOW is basically the statement of self-ownership and saying that only you have the right to decide what your goals in life should be. It is saying that, as a man I will not surrender my will to the social expectations of women and society, because both have become hostile against masculinity.

  • Male 1: Dude, why don’t you have a girl friend?
  • Male 2: Its not for me bro, I’m a MGTOW.

TarnsZilla WordPress’s Multi-Cultural icon has this cool survey she is conducting for a post she is writing about the differences between what the media currently presents MGTOW as VS what it actually is.
Check it out: MGTOW Survey
Some Thoughts
I have as much faith in our social institutions as Native Americans have in the US Government. Almost everything I’ve been told has been a complete lie aside, from jersey girls being easy. I feel that anyone aware of History and human behavior will go their own way in life and life with a self-prescribed sense of dignity. Maybe a few of us will dance all the way to the gallows like Sufi Saint and martyr Mansur al Hallaj.
I’ve always liked the idea of going your own way, since I heard that Fleetwood Mac song in the early 80’s.
Until that lynch mob comes for me, my relationship to society is one of mutual benefit. Our society discusses family values while killing innocents with drones. Since it’s inception America has been a oligarchy/plutocracy masquerading as a democracy toppling democratically elected governments around the world top advance our agenda. What more indication would you to consider that maybe what we have come to believe is honest, just and fair is in fact a narrative we have been forced to buy. That narrative covers of course marriage, gender relationships.
With that said I look forward to hearing your thoughts about this and reading what TarnsZilla will write

9 thoughts on “A MGTOW Survey & Some Thoughts

  1. Thanks for the props, MrMary. 🙂

    As I told Something Witty, I’m going to wait a full 2 months before “cutting off” the data (although comments will still be open for MGTOWs to tell their stories…they just won’t be included in the followup post.)

    I sometimes wonder if the upsurge in singles (quirkyalones, MGTOWs, single-at-hearts, eternal bachelors, committed bachelorette’s) is a response to the aspects of society you mention above. One thing is certain: the US, UK, Canada, and parts of Western Europe are currently living through a time of great social change. Same-sex marriage, more secularism, questioning various religious beliefs, the fact that one can no longer deny racism or sexism exists, the push for equal rights instead of just women’s rights, acknowledgment of the corruption present in politics and the justice system…these are all issues that affect us as a people everyday.


    1. TarnsZilla,

      I think you should make a poster for yourself based on the Godzilla film coming out where you gargantuan mushroom walks through the blogosphere leaving a trail of destruction in those isolated enclaves of small mindedness 🙂 Or maybe not mushrooms as tat looks very phallic-y.

      I like your comment because its brings many more dimensions than most people usually talk about when they mention this topic. I think The MGTOW movement is a product of a complexity of factors affecting us at the the moment. I do feel that there is a class warfare component to the question, socio-politic, racial etc.

      I’ve been liking the responses you have gotten so far and I really appreciate your writing about this and putting this out there! Ypu might want to link to other sites so more people can take your survey.


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