1. You know, that was clearly written by a man. Probably a college dude who got turned down regularly by sorority girls. I’ve got no love for sororities (or fraternities), but this is just mean.


    • Hey Purpsz,

      I am curious why for a considerable number of people, they feel that this couldn’t be written by a women. There is a chance of course this may be written by a man but what I am getting at is why couldnt this be written by a woman. Last years some chick from a sorority in Maryland wrote some crazy stuff:

        “I will f**king c*nt punt the next person I hear about doing something like that”
        “I would rather have 40 girls that are fun, talk to boys, and not f**king awkward than 80 that are f**king f*ggots.”

      There was another sorority girl in the news who confessed to masturbating on skype for money. I cannot see why there isn’t even a slight possibility that this could have been written by a woman?

      I got no love for sororities or fraternities either.


      • I don’t know really why I think it’s written by a man. There’s just too many stereotypes that feel like they’re a guy’s opinion–and a guy who isn’t very well informed, at that. It just gives off that kind of vibe. Wish I could explain it better.


      • Hey PurpsZZZZZZes

        Thanks for your comment!

        If I understand your answer the stereotypes found in the alleged sorority girl’s letter seems to belong to that of an uninformed guy which making it seem that certain uninformed stereotypes are in the possession of particular gender? I’m asking because I can’t see it. What is important though is that we are both aligned in our attitudes for both fraternities and sororites. !!!!


  2. Oh, sororities and fraternities are the devil’s work (if I believed in the the devil, that is). Maybe they served some purpose once, but now they’re just used as an excuse for all sorts of rude and immature behavior.


    • I think they go way too far at times. I do feel there is a time and place for immature behavior in youth (within reason) however the self importance, clique-ishness, and all that jazz turn me off. I don’t feel like they help people better adjust to society or help get job etc. I’m with you on it once being good but having involved into some farce now


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