MrsMary Sent This to me at work. Had to Leave my office to Laugh

This is a parody on 80’s toys and commercials that really made me laugh uncontrollably. All the joking aside this reminded a lot about what George Carlin said about wars and foreign policy. Maybe aside from the need to ridicule 80’s toy and TV action figures there is a message in this … Probably not but it can’t hurt to make some connections

images (2)

A Foreign Policy on the decision making process of which country to go to war with. The basis of this policy is founded on what is called “dick fear” where men feel inadequate about the size of there dicks so they have to kill each other in order to boost there self-esteem. Can also be applied in Bars, Locker Rooms, and Athletics.

Usually founded on the following statement.

“What? They have bigger dicks?! BOMB THEM!” 
-George Carlin


Big Man Canon – Cockmasters


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