MrMary Responds || 8 most absurd lessons Americans teach kids about sex

This was fucking hysterical. My first sex ed class was taught by a nun, which made me and my fellow students think she used to work in a brothel before she turned to the loving forgiveness of Christ. The better a sex-ed we give children the more we empower them to make better decisions later on. This was too funnny to pass up though!!!

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Sexually active girls are like used chocolate.

Before a group of parents forced a change, a school district in Oxford, Miss. taught the evils of sex by passing a Peppermint Pattie around among the students to prove how filthy sexually active girls can become.

Sex is like backwash

One of the exercises recommended by Free Teens  is to have students spit into a cup, trade cups with someone else, and then drink from that cup. Another spitting variation involves regurgitated food.

Kissing gives you AIDS.

Other abstinence programs wrongly teach students that HIV can be spread through kissing. Others have tried to to demonstrate the ineffectiveness of condoms by dropping Skittles through a tennis racket.

Sex is like duct tape.

Sex Respect uses duct tape to “help the students better understand the painful emotional consequences of broken sexual relationships.” Teachers ask for a volunteer: “preferably a boy with a hairy arm” and stick a piece of duct tape on his arm. “Tell the class that this only weakly resembles the natural strength of the sexual bond, but it will still help them see.” The teacher then asks for permission to rip the tape off of the young man’s arm.

Men are like Microwaves and Women are like Crock pots.

WAIT Training explains, “men sexually are like microwaves and women sexually are like crock pots.” As in, men are ready to have sex at a moment’s notice, but women need to marinate for several hours or days, depending on the recipe.

Your halter top will bring about the fall of civilization.

Here’s WAIT Training again (PDF): “One thing that sex education and the media fail to communicate is the power of sex. Spies, who are trained not to give away government secrets, even lose their sensibilities and give in to the power of sex, often because of what a woman is wearing.”

Your vagina is like chewed-up gum or a used toothbrush.

Sixth-graders in Texas’ Canyon Independent School District were taught to keep it in their pants if they don’t want to end up like used gum and toothbrushes. “People want to marry a virgin, just like they want a virgin toothbrush or stick of gum,” the manual instructs. From the Southern Baptist Convention SW Conference Camp: “While technically tampons can’t take your virginity, you shouldn’t use applicator-free tampons because then you have to touch yourself, and that’s a slippery slope to sinning.”

Queer people don’t exist.

… most sex-ed classes pretend queer people don’t exist.

My Response

The line which made me erupt into laughter was the analogy comparing the vagina of a sexually active women to that of chewed up bubble gum. That was completely unrealistic,unlike more types of gum vagina doesn’t lose flavour after 5 minutes. That’s unrealistic your jaw and tongue go numb long before the flavour is gone.

I am all for realism especially in sexual education. 95% of people engage in premarital sex yet there are a plethora of programs and organizations preaching abstinence only. That makes as much sense to me as building a playground across the street from a Catholic Church. I’ve never understood the continued existence of this puritanical ideology when it comes to sex, there will be plenty of time to practice abstinence when one is married. My biggest objection came from when I read how peppermint patties were use as tool to show how filthy girls can become. Peppermint patties are an institution ! This is bullshit as is this idea that people want to marry a virgin.

What do you think?  Any ideas?


  1. Oh god it would be funny if it wasn’t so awful and sad! Sex is a normal part of life, teaching kids this rubbish won’t change the fact that people really like to fuck each other.


    • Thank you. You said it best. I mean why cant we be honest? There is not wrong with admitting that people like to fuck. I don’t know why we are like that here in the USA. it seem to be different in OZ there isn’t any prudery or this nonsense


      • Oh we have our prudery don’t worry but yes I think it’s a little less than the US. As far as I know there is no abstinence taught in schools as part of sex ed, maybe in religious schools though.
        Teaching kids there is something wrong with the sexual feelings they are having is just cruel.


  2. Americans are so obsessed with sex, yet are so afraid their children may “discover” the wonders of physical intimacy. Small wonder our national society is so dysfunctional. Good job, buddy! Much love and naked hugs!:)


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