1. Proof that despite all the progress, old ideas and hatred don’t easily fade away. It’s really a shame that all that energy is wasted on hate. Great posting, my friend. Much love and naked hugs! 🙂


  2. It’s almost laughable to think in terms of America as post-racial. Government is nothing more then a reflection of the population as a whole. A reflection that most individuals pay no attention to. We all have, whether we like it or not, become more divided ethnically, racially, and have seemingly done so by requesting government in expanding those divisions politically while claiming to be closing them. This is a result of those kinds of politics in play. Sadly we have come so far and even more sadly not far as we could have.


    • Well said I wonder about how representative the government is on a whole. Like for instance the high concentration of the wealthy in the government versus the population at large. I also think about how the corporations and the lobbyist can shift policy away from what the populace wants. I sometimes think that the government I really representative of the plutocracy or oligarchy running this nation and ocassionally they do something to make the rest of us feel included but mostly they seeems to exacerbate differences to keep us divided.


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