Reminiscing about Bachelorhood and the Difference Between Men and Women Fantasies


Research has found that fantasy content differs between the sexes. First, men’s sexual fantasies are more sexually explicit than women’s. Not only are they more focused on the sexual act itself, but they frequently include mention of specific body parts. Second, women’s fantasies contain more in the way of emotional and romantic content than do men’s. Women frequently describe the setting of their sexual encounter in detail (e.g., on the beach or under the stars), as well as the “prelude” or build-up to sex (e.g., drinking champagne at a candlelight dinner before adjourning to the bedroom). Third, men are more likely than women to fantasize about having several sexual partners at the same time. Finally, the sexes also differ when it comes to fantasizing about dominance and submission. While men are equally likely to fantasize about being dominant and submissive, women seem to fantasize more about being submissive than dominant.


I find this kind of funny.

Actually I find it very funny. So many interesting differences between men and women.

SCN_25-01-2012_REAL_LIFE_01_bachelor2_fct1024x630x14_t460I remember when one of my friends was a Bachelor (now he is married and husk of the dude I used to know) some things in his apartment he had two sets of. There was the everyday stuff he had  for himself, then there was of course the stuff he had for the chicks he brought over; like softer sheets and pillows, scented candles, a 4 piece dish set. I didn’t even know he could eat off a plate with a knife and fork. I remember checking in on him and I saw his apartment , clean, and it didn’t even look like the same apartment. There was a vase with a single flower, on the table, all the dishes were clean. He had some wine in the fridge. I asked wtf happened to him? I’ll never forget what he told me quite straight faced: “Bitches love this shit. They love comfortable settings.”

**FOR THE RECORD I do not consider women to be bitches. They are lovely angelic beings. Just talking slang here, no need for the picket signs and accusations of Bitch Shaming**

I wish I had the magical ability to show the chick(s) he was bringing over that night how much of a fucking slob this dude was at all other times. I mean he was a fucking pig. You would thing you were at the zoo,  beer bottles everywhere,  empty pizza boxes, socks laying around. If she was cool with it he probably would have fuck her on top of old take out containers download (4)and magazines that was his couch cover when she wasn’t around.

Of course throw in some alcohol and people are doing it behind the dumpster and in alleyways But that’s a different story.

Ah to be young again

3 thoughts on “Reminiscing about Bachelorhood and the Difference Between Men and Women Fantasies

  1. Other than the utter sloppiness (raised in a “clean or die” German household), this is how I know I’m “a guy” who just happens to have no penis. Everything you describe above about erotic fantasies for men is basically me to a T. I hate erotica that has cuddly, overly romanticized bs…it may be nice sometimes in real life, but makes for dull/vague reading when all you want is to get your rocks off. (I know, technically I don’t have those either, but you know what I mean.)

    Same with pornography, honestly. I’m super glad that women are actually getting into the business side of the porn industry and making “female centered” videos. It’s about time, frankly. But of the 5 or so that I’ve watched, they are just too story oriented and spend more time on kissing/foreplay than is good for a porno. I can give as much foreplay as the next person, but there’s no true way to give someone an emotional + sexual experience through a mere video.

    To me, porn is a snack made for quick release and when you have no partner or you both want to spice things up a bit. Sex on the other hand is a meal to be savored and enjoyed with gusto. They’re not the same…


    1. BRO-HUG

      bravo TarnsZ – You took the words right out of my fuggin mouth.

      One day I thought to myself, lemme watch one of these porno for women. I figured I am open-minded right ? Why not? What’s the worse that can happen ? Holy shit, took me outta the game. In my head I kept saying wtf is this? Foreplay is great in real life, or so I read on a forum somewhere online. But when you’re looking to clear your pipes or crank a few out, that’s just the wrong kinda thing. Porn is like I would imagine the hot pocket you eat to hold you off for dinner.

      You are more dude than a lot of dudes I have to work with. I feel isolated here like I’m not the only dude here but I am the only dude here.


      1. Sounds like your problem is you work with guys, not dudes. Guys are cool to hang with, but are for the most part overly polite. Dudes and bros are friendship material, cause they’re fun, have opinions they can back up with real knowledge, and make hilarious innuendos without even trying. Good times are always had when you’re with your bros!


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