Real Unicorns Have Curves !



  1. This is a cute take on the “real women have curves” saying…although honestly, I don’t quite like the real one for 3 reasons:

    1. It is meant to make women who physically cannot be a size 1 feel better about themselves, but it then necessarily means that women who are flat chested/have a tiny ass/no hips somehow aren’t “real” because of *their* natural body shape. I am extremely attracted to curvy women like myself…size 6-8, medium breasts, generous ads and hips (think Shakira or Beyonce)…but others like women with small or athletic builds, too.

    2. I’m kinda afraid it goes in the other direction as well, making people believe that being overweight is acceptable and healthy. Now, some men and women *are* just big people…they’re not necessarily overweight. So long as you eat well, have good blood pressure/sugar levels, get at least enough exercise that you’re not incapable of climbing 5 flights of stairs, etc I personally think you are fine as is. Big, but not obese/overweight. The issue is when we have rampant diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, unable to walk or wash themselves people who are told that they are good the way they are.

    3. It’s also weird because there’s no similar phrase for men who are skinny or unmuscled. We are seeing more and more boys/men who have anorexia, bulimia, or work themselves to literal exhaustion trying to attain some Ken Doll body type that isn’t even healthy for them (and in my opinion makes them narcissistic and could lead to workout addiction). Men and boys need to be told the same thing as women and girls; It’s more important to be healthy than shapely.

    /end rant.


    • Tarnszilla,

      Awesome comment!!!

      The real comment bugs me a bit but what bothers the most out of me is that

      1. I cannot be honest. If a woman is 5’2 and 300+ and I say that that is seriously unhealthy as she increases her chances for a shorter life span diabetes heart attacks etc all of a sudden I am oppressing someone or fat shaming them or not seeing their inner beauty. Being overweight, obese and morbidly obese are medical conditions!!! They aren’t some subjective terms that are dropped on a whim.

      2. I personally think we need to stop trying to make select demographics feel better about themselves, it gives them complexes more than anything. If a woman has a personality, a sense of style or of humor, most guys I know will look past the flat-chestedness, tiny ass etc. Actually it’s not that big of a deal at the end of the day we all know no one is perfect. This may sound odd, but from your writings you sound a lot like of this dude I used to know/roll with in college. When you describe your self as being curvy I just imagined him with boobs and I laughed hysterically for a while. I’m going to pass thinking about Beyonce and Shakira only because I am at work. But I am with ya, I like the curvy broads a lot actually that what brings me to the yard in most cases. Athletic girls are pretty hot too esp since I was a gym rat for so long. You’d make a great wing man for your guy friends

      3. The beautiful thing about girls is that have the ability to love a guy for other stuff than his looks in the beginning. It’s amazing it’s beautiful. When I started reading about guys with eating disorders or who like to have sex with the lights off because they feel self-conscious I knew there was something serious up with the game. Actually a lot of dudes are not even dudes but that’s a whole other thing. I agree that being healthy is important, of course, but being shapely helps a lot. No one took notice of me till I put on the muscles. well that’s not true. What kind of sucked back in the day was that buncha chicks thought I was jock and wrote me off as being dumb as shit. before I discovered the gym people thought I was a nerd lol ehh what can ya do

      /end rant

      I do got another rant coming up on the cheeseburger flavor


      • Lol, I’m glad I can make you laugh. It’s something I work at doing with my friends…keep ’em smiling and on their toes with the one liners, you know? I think you and I would get along fine IRL, MrMary. Probably your lady too, if she’s awesome like you. 🙂

        Agree with everything you said here. Sure you don’t want a little S&B? 😉


      • tarnsZilla

        Laughter is divine to me. Anyone is cool or can make me laugh is up there with me. Life is really hard for everyone and for someone to be able to take your mind away from that and laughter is an amazing gift. My best experience was at my worst job I made many friends and we kept each other in good spirits even though the boss was dick/complete asshole. We had dominos, a stash of rum, a box of shake and bake (Its was a Ricky Bobby Talladega nights thing) just crazy shit, we got so much work done too.

        I think we’d get along fine IRL I feel that I could be comfortable being myself without too much filtering. MrsMary is awesome and a force of Nature lol She reminds me of the Balrog in Fellowship of the Rings, she is a fiery latina and I am Gandalf with the staff (that don’t sound right) lol Ehh She’s cool lol If you are ever in the NYC/TriState area there is an open invitation for eating some sorta food stuff !!!

        It’s pretty cool that we share the very similar taste in Women. That video was inspiring! I dunno what it is but the more I hear “B” talk the more she loses that allure she once had. Shakira is amazing, its a shame that now that she’s married her husband wont let her do those sexy videos like she used to do before.

        When I get old and unfuckable we should hang out at the the mall and watch the young chicks try on sneakers whaddya say lol


  2. Dave, I will have to disagree with you on this (in a straightforward manner); if you don’t mind. But I don’t think the photos of the “sexy” ones above represent exactly what men really want or fantasize about.

    We all know how often men contradict themselves regarding this matter. It’s like they keep on yammering personality, intelligence, and good character matter more than looks, yet they could only drool over and give attention to women who look a certain way – which is shaped by society’s standards.

    Having brought up by folks who put much more importance on exterior traits, I am guilty as well because my eyes always initially seek what’s physically pleasant in a man; obesity has never been on my list, I confess. One main reason for that is that being overweight indicates sluggishness, and lack of control and discipline: qualities (discipline, self-control) that I value in any person. You are so right, though, in saying it’s easier for women to learn to like men for their more significant characteristics.

    Having said that, I am in constant struggle with my weight because I know that if I totally let go, I’ll become completely invisible, most especially to the opposite sex.
    And I agree with Tarnished Sophia that plumpness is associated with negative issues like poorer health and sluggishness. That’s not sexy at all, IMO.

    Warm Regards.


    • Hola Marjie,
      In topics such as these I am always limited because I have no idea what it’s like to be a woman. So it’s good that you add your feedback and disagree because it all helps, not only in my education but in bringing up topics that are important for everyone to discuss!
      With that said I definitely agree with you that what is depicted as sexy guys don’t think about. I think it’s part of the irony/joke of the whole thing. I’m with you there.
      I believe that the social standards of beauty are built upon a biological platform of what evolutionarily has been considered attractive. There are certain things that men find attractive in women that we have inherited through evolution because they are signs of the ability to bear and nurse children etc. I think society either amplifies or diminishes certain traits. There are certain things subconsciously men respond to like a woman with an hourglass figure, leg to body ratio facial and bodily symmetry, a certain hip to waist ratio, shapely ass etc. For women studies have shown that they tend to be more attracted to men who have a relatively narrow waist, a V-shaped torso, broad shoulders, taller than they are, and display a high degree of facial symmetry, as well as relatively masculine facial dimorphism

      I think both men and women contradict themselves with what they want I think in part for political correctness and to not come off seemingly shallow.


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